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Remembering an Industry Innovator

In our annual Innovation Issue of Glass Magazine, we recognize a range of remarkable industry achievements in the prestigious Glass Magazine Awards. The issue shows off the capabilities of our industry—from life-saving products to beautiful works of glass as art, and everything in between. 

Bernard Lax
Bernard Lax

In preparing our Innovation Issue each year, we get the opportunity to collaborate with the ambitious and inspiring innovators behind these product and project achievements. One such innovator, who became a valuable resource and friend to me over the years, was Bernard Lax. Lax was the founder and CEO of Gardena, California-based Pulp Studio, a fabricator at the forefront of the specialty and decorative glass segment, and winner of multiple Glass Magazine Awards over the years, including this year’s Best Decorative Glass Application. 

Lax passed away unexpectedly in August, leaving the glass industry to mourn a true pioneer. In his time in the industry, Lax pushed the envelope of glass fabrication, consistently developing new high-quality solutions in decorative glass, all while finding better, more efficient ways to fabricate. Consider Pulp’s new sustainable factory, which features a $3 million solar array, or the company’s “factory-within-a-factory” dedicated to making hundreds of samples every day. 

When Glass Magazine’s publisher, the National Glass Association, posted the news on its LinkedIn, dozens of remembrances and reflections quickly popped up in the comments. People in all segments of the industry, all across the globe, wrote of Lax’s incredible impact on the industry and on those who were lucky enough to collaborate with him. 

“Bernard is the Steve Jobs of our industry,” wrote Brad Glauser, owner/partner, Edify Studios. “His education, entrepreneurism, love to create, passion for glass, and the legacy that he created was something that I can aspire to.” 

“Bernard will be remembered for his relentless mission of perfection and innovation,” added Nataline Lomedico, president of Giroux Glass. 

The comments discuss Lax’s dedication and creativity, along with his drive to work with others to make the industry better. “I think most of us live our lives [with] a goal of reaching the top of our industry. I thought I knew a lot about glass until I met Bernard,” said Steve Dean, procurement lead, glass, aluminum and gasket at Permasteelisa North America. “He wanted to teach and enrich anybody that was interested.” 

Bernard Lax leaves a lasting mark on the North American glass industry. His legacy will continue in the products he helped develop, the projects he made possible, and in the colleagues and partners he inspired. He will be missed. 


Katy Devlin

Katy Devlin

Katy Devlin is content director for the National Glass Association and editor in chief of Glass Magazine. E-mail Katy at