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The Vax

Since the pandemic started, I have pretty much made it a mission not to talk specifically about anything directly connected to it. This post however I am going to break that approach. Reason being is I am curious on what companies are doing with regards to the vaccination process. 

Are you telling your folks to get vaccinated? Are you demanding it? Are you incentivizing it? Or are you just leaving it completely alone? I am just curious, because I’m hearing all different approaches and really all I care about is getting back to some form of normalcy. How we get there―I pretty much don’t care, I just want to get there. By the way the most common approach I am hearing is the incentive approach, with companies offering gift cards or paid time off in exchange for folks getting the jab. I have heard of companies “demanding” the vax in terms that seem a bit wonky/illegal (like, “get it or else”) but I would hope that is the minority and surely doesn’t seem kosher overall.

In any case, feel free to drop me a line or note in the comments what you are doing/hearing and I’ll share some insights on a later post.


ABI Posts Gain

We did get more positive news from the latest Architectural Billings Index.  Huge winning score of 55.6. That was better than I thought, and has kept the positive trend going. All the metrics were up and that is surely something to be excited about. Obviously, the challenge is getting to this work as an industry since this index doesn’t touch us for a year, and we knew that we’d have some holes this year, but seeing some light at the end of the tunnel is not a bad thing.

Latest podcast: the road ahead 

Speaking of the future, one of my guests on my most recent podcast talked specifically on his worries about 2022. And despite what I see being different, his warnings have me on my toes, as it should be for all of you. Want to hear or see more? Click here for the video version and here for the audio. It’s podcast No.4, and it was a great hour of insight from some incredible industry leaders. Thanks again for the support!

Glass Industry on Wolf Den

Tremendous industry pub here, especially reaching the youth thanks to Bill Daubmann of D3 Glass and MY Shower Door. Bill is going to be a “Wolf” in a “Wolf Den” program (meant to be like the TV Show “Shark Tank” but for high school students pitching their business startup ideas.) The local FOX TV affiliate picked it up and explained more here and the story for me is that whenever we as an industry can get our leaders into these big community programs, it builds our image.

Bill and his family are absolute pros at this no doubt, and I am thrilled for the pub he’s getting and what it will translate into, and hopefully we can get more opportunities like this in the future. Hopefully one of these students will have a great way to help our industry, who knows!

Trulite launches new product

I do like our industry keeps innovating for the times. Props to the team at Trulite on their latest product line addition. I have said it a ton, and will do so again now―glass is the best product going for the future of our inside professional world.

Devorah Serkin of GGI gets certification

Big congratulations to my friend Devorah Serkin of General Glass. Devorah just completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program! That is awesome! She knocked that 18-month course out while still doing her day job at GGI. Devorah has always been one of the most impressive people I have encountered in this industry and this just continues to prove that. Congrats!!

COTE Awards

The AIA announced their 2021 COTE Awards, and some beautiful projects were on there, some that I believe I have had on here in other mentions before. Take a look, and as always, if you had a hand in it and want me to give you proper recognitio, let me know!


Last this week; I made my plans to go to Texpo in a few weeks. Can’t wait to be back on a show floor and especially to be in Texas with the awesome folks from the Texas Glass Association; that makes it even more meaningful. It will be interesting on how everything comes together, and I look forward to sharing here. Then get ready… GlassBuild America will be here before ya know it!!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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