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Back at the BEC

It’s big week in our industry with BEC and GPAD finally here. By the time some of you read this, most of the events will be done. I am just so happy it is here, it’s been a long time since the last time we held this event live in March of 2020. Great to get everyone back together!

Next week in this space I’ll break it all down, the sessions, the people, the vibe and more. And if you’re at BEC/GPAD, please say hi! I always love getting to network!


Shockingly Positive ABI 

The Architectural Billings Index shocked me and came in positive yet again. I know I am not alone, as a few analysts I follow felt the same way, thinking this would be the month we’d have a dip. But it held up again! The worry, though, is focused on lagging numbers in the Northeast and West. Those areas have posted some “meh” numbers and this month they turned to ugly. So that is what we are watching…and as always as an industry, we stay focused and resilient no matter what.

Future Indicators

I missed this—Katy Devlin broke down key forecast indicators she’s tracking. Quick important read on metrics we need to keep on top of.

Kovach on TV

At BEC, I am hoping I see James Hatch from Kovach as he is a TV Star! He and Kovach were featured in an incredible morning show report in the local Phoenix TV market. You can read it here. Really showed off how great their operation is and makes us all look good! Congrats to James and Kovach on the pub!! 

UAM and Future Glass Leaders

Also, good to see the gang from United Architectural Metals stepping up and going after the future potential leaders in our industry. Tom Nesbitt, Bob Cummings and the team there are stepping up to grow what we all do, and it started with 44 students in their operations recently. Love the approach, and fully expected by great class people like Tom, Bob and the team at UAM.

Vitro Education Center

I have mentioned this before, but once again they came through. I’m talking about Vitro and their Education Center. It really is an amazing site and the way Rob Struble and company deliver it is so perfect. This week the wind and snow load subject came in and immediately caught my eye. Good stuff gang!

Baseball Season Ahead

Last this week…we are coming up on baseball season starting, and even though I don’t follow like I used to, I need to still make my predictions here. People depend on this sort of info from me, right???? I’m going with the White Sox to win it all over the Dodgers. Sorry to my friends in Chicago—my picks are only good for post season (not in magazine predictions with Katy) football!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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