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Happy 2022: Now Let’s Go!

2022. We made it. Time to start another year and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see more “normal” versus what we have experienced since early in 2020. For our industry the year will get off to a fast start with the Southeast Glass Expo taking place later this week. I’m pumped for this event as it should be a great kick off for the year and it will be exciting to get to once again see folks in a show setting.

Soon after that wraps up, we’ll have a nice run of events as we have the NGA Glass Conference scheduled for January 24-26 (Register Now) and then of course the return of the monster BEC and GPAD events in Nashville at the end of March. 2022 is also the International Year of Glass, so let’s all lean into it―get involved―join NGA, get to these events, educate yourselves and your coworkers and let’s all grow together in the best industry around….


NGA Members-only 2022 Forecast

When I speak of NGA and joining, one perk is member-only deals like presentations from Connor Lokar of ITR Economics. His presentation before the end of the year was incredible and the ability to plan accordingly with that info is huge for any business.

Two key takeaways for me were that he sees inflation starting to stabilize and then decelerate and he is not bullish on the shower door space in 2022 because of slowing consumer spending. Interesting on both. The whole 30-minute presentation was incredible though, and loaded with info, so if you are member get to the members-only portal on the NGA site and check it out. Not a member? Seriously time to join!

Changes in Supply Chain

Supply chain update via Gilbane came during the holiday season, too. In the three categories they track of price, inventories, and delivery, we are now listed as stabilizing, contracting and delayed. And on that first one, I don’t see that stabilizing for long, especially since the only other tracked business area that is not in the “increase” mode is PPE. (Which I find odd, given how much everyone needs it.)

Obviously, we are living in this world, so we don’t need a report to tell us what we are experiencing, but it is at least some reinforcement that we are surely still in the middle of the muck out there.

While laying low during the break, I found myself on the Vitro Education Center page and it was like ultimate glass rabbit hole for me just reading piece after piece and checking it all out. It is like when you are on YouTube and looking for something about the 80s and you end up being on there for two hours― that was me on the Vitro Education site. Super well-done folks. Kudos to the great Rob Struble and team for this amazing resource.

In Case You Missed It 

Don Friese Interview on From the Fabricator

Here’s my one-on-one podcast with Mr. Don Friese here (on video) and here (audio) and the reaction to it has been amazing. Especially in regard to the lessons Mr. Friese delivered over the 25 minutes or so of the cast. Please check it out and coming soon the first episode of season 2 with 3 awesome guests!

Crystal Ball 2022

And I was honored that the amazing Katy Devlin of Glass Magazine asked me to join her to talk “Crystal Ball” for 2022 and it was a blast―fun look at a few things, including what could be a horrendously bad Super Bowl pick. Potentially my worst ever!

Coming Up: 2021 Predictions Review

Next week I’ll review my predictions for 2021. I honestly have not looked back yet and am scared to see what that thinking was 365-plus days ago; I’ll give an honest accounting though, and take the wins and losses accordingly!

Last this week: with the new year means some great TV shows will be back with new seasons soon. Looking forward most to “Ozark” which will be back later this month and “Better Call Saul” which I hope is back in February. Comically, I have just started to watch “The Sopranos”―yes I know I’m like 20 years late to this and it is so good―no spoilers please folks, Lol.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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