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Lots of People Who 'Get It'

Big news in solar, and subcontractors struggle to get paid

Well, that was a good "blog week" off and now back at it. The new podcast is now ready, and the diversity in guests continue.

  • We kicked things off with John Wheaton of Wheaton-Sprague Building Envelope. John is an awesome guy, and also is a person that has perfected the podcast game. I was lucky enough to turn the tables on him and ask him some questions and the insight he provided from business to life were fantastic.
  • Next I visited with insanely talented Jill Read of Binswanger Glass. Cool career path that has led her to a tremendous spot in our industry, and simply to say she just “gets it.”
  • Plus, the king of #GlassNerd nation, Andrew Haring joins me to chop it up on some big issues in our industry, and solutions to them. Good stuff from three wonderful people. Thank you for checking it out!




Big News in Solar

Big week on the solar side of things in our world, and with every move our industry and space looks so much better. Three companies hit the spotlight:

  • Vitro named Jemssy Alvarez product manager for advanced glazing which encompasses their SolarVolt BIPV brand. Jemssy is a good man, pro and industry vet that will do a great job of building the status of this product line.
  • NEXT Energy made big news with a collaboration with powerhouse glazing outfit Walters & Wolf. I love seeing more and more transparent PV options jumping into the market and partnering with players who can get it mainstreamed in a quicker fashion. Kudos to both parties there.
  • And last the Transparent PV space and our industry got a nice boost with some great publicity via Ubiquitous Energy. Last week Susan Stone, the CEO of Ubiquitous was on Bloomberg News talking up the product and future and Susan and Miles Barr, CTO of Ubiquitous were featured on CBS News San Francisco with a rundown on the company. Great stuff!

Guardian Glass Launches Training Center

Education matters and I preach that all the time. Guardian Glass is one that is always stepping up there and they did it again with the launch of their Guardian Glass Training Center. Check it out here, and I love the mix of approaches they are laying out. Well done, and important stuff here for our world.

Subcontractors Struggle to Get Paid

I’m going to talk more on this subject soon, but this headline really got to me and it’s not a surprise is it? “Report: GCs more likely than subs to get paid on time” —I mean has this ever been in doubt? And right now, I think the delays in pay coming to the subs (glaziers and glass shops) is growing slower and worse daily. Not good. 

AIA COTE Awards 

AIA’s COTE Awards for 2022 are out. Awesome work. If you had a hand in any of these please let me know, as you deserve props. Some of these projects really show off great glass and glazing inside and out. Love seeing that!

TGA Glass Conference

Last this week, I am off to Texas to talk at the awesome Texas Glass Association Glass Conference. This is an awesome event with some of the best people in our industry involved. A complete honor to be there. Plus, the day has a ton of helpful subjects that I am excited to sit in on. The legal and code updates are always crucial, but a supply chain talk led by excellent folks like Seth Madole of Viracon and Chris Giovannielli of Kawneer will be a must to take in. More on this on next week’s post! If you are attending this conference, I look forward to seeing you!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at