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New Pod and the Deal Gets Done

Big company news this week

Busy week in our world, so let’s get to it!

First off, a new podcast for you. The latest From the Fabricator episode has two people who aren’t usually in the spotlight in our industry, but should be and are very interesting and cool! I lead it off with Lisa Lococo Smith of Kawneer and her path to the industry is not what we are all used to, but it works! She brings some serious energy and presence to our space.  

Then on to Jennifer Lang of Minneapolis Glass. She is a very accomplished and brilliant player in our industry and a major leader and influencer. She also breaks some big news about her company towards the end of our talk too which was incredible. Overall, two awesome people for the great month of November. Thanks for checking it out!

Watch here or listen here, as well as on Apple, Spotify etc.

Acquisition news

Obviously, news of Trulite sale was a big one and folks that was the deal I had been waiting on for last few months. I can’t tell you how many times I was told “it’s done, will be announced Friday” and it just never would happen. Well, it finally happened, and it surely is an interesting one for all parties. First deal for the new company and new owners for Trulite for the first time in a long time. So within a year, two of the biggest players in the fabricator side of things have changed hands. I think there’s a few more adventures ahead M&A wise.  

Retirement news

A very good man is hanging it up. Jerry Schwabauer of Azon is retiring. Jerry has always been one of the nicest and most welcoming guys to me and to many others in our world and someone who has worked hard to improve energy performance through great innovation at Azon. Our industry will absolutely miss him, and I will personally; great guy. I will have him on my podcast before he gets too deep into his next phase of life! Congrats Jerry!!

Looking ahead 

As I noted last week, I did sit in on an AIA forecast and it does connect a lot to the previous economic data we’ve heard, including backlogs at architectural firms are strong and that 2023 should be positive in the commercial space.  

Residential? Look out. That includes the prediction that shower door installs will suffer as more and more homeowners tighten their belts thanks to inflation and interest rates slowing new builds. Obviously, the shower door side is big in our space, so that’s a red flag to keep an eye out on. There were a few other nuggets for commercial with the retrofit approach looking like it could weather a lot of storms, its numbers are strong and getting better and that forecast is close to hitting all-time best. Bottom line as always though? Stay focused on what you do, diversify those options, get more efficient and communicate. That approach can overcome a ton.

Social media find

I am so late to this but a great connection/follow on LinkedIn is Benji Bolick. He is the “Door Dork” and his content is fabulous. His Top Ten Fails of Doors in Vegas during GlassBuild was fantastic. If you are on LinkedIn, see that post here and connect with him. Sorry that I am years behind on this stuff! 

More supply chain shortages

Something to keep an eye on is the shortage of Diesel fuel is now starting to make news. The shortages are more concentrated in a few areas of the US but if this grows this obviously affects our industry, and the entire economy, a great deal.  

Most of our trucks, no matter where you are at in the chain run on Diesel. Shortages and then the obvious price increase that comes with a supply chain crunch, will surely play a nasty role if this thing grows. I am hoping maybe the fear here is either overdone or is addressed and improved on quickly. But heads up nonetheless.

Get out and vote

Last this week, it's midterm elections in the US and make sure you vote! If you are on the fence, the legendary Carl Christ of DFI, who in a past life was a serious music superstar did a Public Service Announcement on voting. If you need a boost, check out his post, watch that video and get to the polls. Keep rocking Carl. Slowly but surely I am going to get the whole story of “The Medflys” out to the masses.

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Max Perilstein

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