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One More Month

One month. That is it. One month away until we meet in Nashville for BEC and GPAD.

These two tremendous conferences will get 2022 kicked into full gear and I am seriously stoked. Have you looked at the agendas and people involved in both events? It is loaded with interesting and important content for a massive majority of our industry. Then, add in the primo networking and you have a trip to Nashville that absolutely must happen for you. Take a look at BEC  and GPAD and if you have any questions or curiosities on the events, hit me up!


GPAD Preview Webinar

Speaking of GPAD, did you catch the webinar this past week? If not, check it out on NGA’s YouTube channel. Good rundown in a short period on how tech can make a difference in your plant, the crucial need for visibility, and what smart companies, ones that are on the move, are doing these days in the glass fab space. Plus, key insights on where the business “really” gets done. Really good stuff from Ron Crowl and Syndi Sim. Check it out, then get to Nashville for more. 

Pete Munoz Passes Away

Sad news to report; the passing of Pete Munoz. He was a staple of the southern California glass scene for more than 60 years. My pal Dan Pompeo, owner of the super rep firm Architectural Glazing Solutions, gave me the heads up on this one and Dan, like the class act he is, wanted to make sure the industry was aware of Pete’s passing and his positive effect on the industry and family. Condolences to Pete’s family and friends, he surely will be missed.

Goldray Promotes Michael Saroka to CEO

On the good news side, congrats to Michael Saroka of Goldray Glass on his promotion to CEO there. The previous CEO Cathie Saroka is moving to the spot of executive chair. This is great news for all involved. Goldray has been an absolute juggernaut out there and Michael has been a massive part of that, so him moving up makes tons of sense. Cathie will still be in tune to what’s happening, so the transition surely will be smart and fluid. Also, great news for the industry as Michael brings a great level of passion and focus to our world, which is always appreciated. Congrats to Michael and Cathie!

ABI Remains Steady

The latest Architectural Billings Index came out this week and was a match to the previous month rating of 51. With that, this forward looking index continues to hang in there and be positive despite some rumblings to the contrary out there. One of the biggest rumblings are the combo of price escalation and supply chain disruption and both are a big duo of destruction that we all have to continue to manage. Those alone do give off some worry, but so far, the positive beat goes on. 

Glass on TV

Have you watched Ozark by chance? Way back in season 1, there was a great comment during a scene where the main characters were looking at new office space and the talk turned to solar heat gain and comfort. I mentioned it here on how I was impressed by the accurate lingo. Well, this season they went a step further. Once again the characters were looking at office space and again they talked specifics in windows, going as far as noting the windows were “thermochromic”—that almost threw me off the treadmill. I assume now that Tom Donovan of Thompson IG may be a writer on the show….I’ll have to ask him at BEC.

The Best Small Cities to Live In

Last this week: the best small cities to live in, according to a story in the Chicago Tribune. WalletHub analyzed 1,200 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000 and ranked the best ones to live in based on 43 key indicators of livability. Here are your top 10 with my comments of course. 

10. Redmond, WA

 I guess I gotta ask the gang from Herzog Glass if they agree on this.

9. Cedar Park, TX

I thought I knew the great state of Texas but do not know this one. Given it’s near Austin, I am guessing I can’t afford to live there.

8. South Lake, TX

Aware of this one and darn nice from what I can remember.

7. Brentwood, TN

Another new one for me; I need to get out more.

6. Milton, MA

I am a huge Barstool Sports guy and I believe Milton is where their first office was. So that is a win in my book.

5. Sugar Land, TX

I knew Texas was awesome, but this list is surely locking that distinction down.

4. Needham, MA

Surprised on this one—will need a New Englander to enlighten me.

3. Carmel, IN

Hey, I love Indiana and love Indiana basketball (sorry Matt Verderamo and Purdue folks).

2. Lexington, MA

If you told me Massachusetts would have three in the top 10 here, I would’ve said no way. Wow.

And the #1 small city…Sammamish, Washington. Now I think a few industry folk live here, just not sure. But I know I have been through there and it was nice, so there’s that.

Overall, I am stunned at that top 10. Would’ve expected a South Carolina city in there and for sure a Florida city. You know me I love these lists…

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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