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The Pains of Labor

In all of the scary things happening right now, the one that brings the most worry but probably gets the least overall attention is our shortage on the workforce. Maybe the lack of overall concern is because it’s been a problem for a while, but we really need to ramp up our efforts to address it.

Why am I bringing it up again? Recently the Associated Builders and Contractors put out a notice that we are short 650,000 construction workers. 650 thousandHere are the details. Ouch. 

That number is insane. It really is time for us to start going harder into the secondary schools (the gang from MyShowerDoor and D3 were early into this process) and also being aggressive in promoting how cool our industry is. (I think folks like Matt Verderamo at Alliance Exterior Construction get it.)

Little things, like in your job ads show the beauty of the work, the difference that glass and glazing make, and why this is a trade that truly can stand out versus all others. Time to think outside the box too—there will be be discussions on this at BEC, but we’re gonna need more creativity to get past what is coming our way. We are battling so many things, but if we don’t have folks to make and install the material, nothing else matters.


Women in Construction Week

We just wrapped Women in Construction week and I was really impressed with all of the action and focus online for it. We really are blessed with a ton of talent in this industry, and I loved learning more about some of the women that are making a huge difference in our space. The National Glass Association on LinkedIn had smart and quick Q&A’s with some awesome influencers, so if you don’t follow the NGA on LinkedIn, go there now, follow, and catch up on the details. Andrew Haring took the prize (as he always does) with this ultra-cool story about the strong women at Rountree Glass. Check it out.

From the Fabricator Podcast

If you missed my podcast when it dropped last week, please catch it now. I appreciate the feedback that comes in, too—like this week noting Matt Price’s cool voice, Julie Schimmelpenningh’s cool past (which thankfully did not pay) and Ron Crowl’s very cool choices for favorite athletes. All of that, plus really great insight and lessons. Thanks again for checking it out and supporting!



DFI and Q-railing collaborate

Congrats to DFI and Q-railing on a smart collaboration. DFI will supply their coating on the Q-railing systems; a nice connection between some very cool people on both sides. Congrats on the arrangement!

Momentum Index Up in February

Latest Dodge Momentum Index was up in February, which I think we could all feel and appreciate. The key now is seeing how that trend continues given some of the outside pressures with supply chain, and of course the Ukraine situation. Obviously as I noted above, our labor deal is perilous. But inflation and war are obvious massive concerns as we move forward. 

GPAD Sees Impressive Attendee List

I was really pumped to see the list of some of the folks attending GPAD. A mix of strong established fabricators and then some really smart up and coming ones. Neat to see people that want to really better themselves stepping up. That will be a strong event and I am excited to experience the sessions and learn from some of the best in the world. Time is running out, but if you are a fabricator, I’d get on board. 

Gyo Obata of HOK Passes Away

Sad to see the passing of Gyo Obata, the original “O” in the legendary HOK architectural firm. The effect that Gyo had on design in our country was unbelievable, and his accomplishments will be appreciated ‘til the end of time. This was a nice look back and tribute to a tremendous person and leader. 

Last this week, I mentioned on my podcast that the TV show “Reacher” on Amazon was a fun one to watch—a real good “treadmill” show that is a lot of good action and detail that makes you not realize you’re exercising. Check it out, and a thank you to Jen Friess of Guardian Glass for the heads up on it, and obviously Jen has the juice since Reacher was the No.1 streamed show in the US last week…(or, that many people caught my mention on the podcast…hmmmm…)


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at