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Plan It Now

Have you registered for BEC and GPAD yet? 

Those of you who have attended these conferences know the value and I assume you’ll be signing on soon. But let’s say you have not attended, and have no idea what the fuss is about; let me take you through it.


BEC is an incredible networking and educational experience. The chance to learn and understand what the challenges are that the glazing community faces, and be able to network with that space is what makes this so special. I believe this year is my 20th BEC (my brain is mush, so not positive) and it has never failed to deliver something new to me with info or people wise.

If you are a glazier, you need to be there to be ahead of the game. If you supply a glazier, you need to be there to see and understand what’s happening on that side of the ball. Learn more and register on


Meanwhile GPAD, also known as Glass Processing and Automation Days, is a must-attend event if you are a fabricator of glass. With the challenges of labor and efficiency more severe than ever, getting to an event like this, where you can learn about the next level of machinery and software, is crucial to your future.

Glass fabricators that are serious about improving themselves attend this conference and grow positively because of it. Find more information and register on the event page and note that agenda will continue to be updated. Seriously folks, these are events that can’t be missed! Plan it now and I'll see you there!


Guardian Glass’s Chris Dolan Retires

Big news from our world with the word that Chris Dolan of Guardian Glass is retiring. Chris has had a massive influence on how we do things and the products we use each and every day.

Those of you newer to the business may not realize that Chris was a significant player in getting the Guardian SunGuard glass line launched, pushed, and now utilized all over the place. When he took that responsibility on, it that was a massive job and he aced it.

Now, I know Chris well enough that he’ll deflect all credit and props, but his efforts were big time substantial. In fact, I would go as far as saying that on the Mount Rushmore of Guardian Glass it would be Mr. Davidson, Russ Ebeid, Joe Bruce (someone who many do not realize was a force in so many ways there) and Chris Dolan. Without Chris’ efforts, I honestly don’t think Guardian would be where it is now with regards to respect, reputation, and standing in the market.

I am so happy for him and thrilled to see him get ready to go off and enjoy the next chapter in his life! 

Construction Outlook

I sat in on a construction outlook call this week, and really no major new ground was covered. Labor issues and inflation continue to be the focus. Price escalation and volatility is getting people in some serious trouble, so folks, please do what you can do to protect yourself and make sure your communication and paperwork are the best it can be.

As for the inflation and labor worries, the analysts feel that the inflation angle will eventually calm but there is not a great hope on the labor issue. We all have experienced labor being bad, but it’s surely getting worse. And thus, another reason why getting to BEC and GPAD is so immense because these areas will get addressed/discussed.

Eastman Vanceva World of Color Contest

One of my favorite annual contests is back and open for nominations. It’s the Eastman Vanceva World of Color contest. I love this one because it shows off so many unique and interesting projects and usage of laminated glass. Check it out, and get your projects submitted!

Rowe Fenestration will Rep Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors

Last this week, some big news on the manufacturer rep side. One of the best rep firms in our world is Rowe Fenestration, and they announced that they’ll be taking on Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors.

This is big news since Rowe Fen has really set the market table in their region, and bringing this line on surely is a disruption. Leave it to the legend Scott Rowe to always keep people on their toes!! Congrats to Rowe and Peerless (about whom I know very little, but something tells me with the Rowe machine and the great Lindsey Parker pushing, I’ll know a ton soon) on this new deal.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at Opinions expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the position of the National Glass Association or Glass Magazine.