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Podcast, Travel and Super Jobs

The second edition of season 2 of the From the Fabricator podcast is now out for your listening/watching pleasure! This was an interesting one with a mix of people from all over our country, who have different roles and responsibilities.

Season 2, Episode 2

  • Kicking it off was the very talented David Corle of HMI Glass. Great background and approach on all and just love the thirst for learning all the time that David promotes.
  • Then, Shelly Farmer of Trex Commercial Products joined, and she has always been one of my all-time favorites. Shelly is easily one of the best all-around sales leads in our world and her drive is epic.
  • Next a quick look at a piece of innovation that is changing the way the glaziers in the field work. It’s a small invention but pretty powerful in its ability to help efficiency and health—hear from a couple of great glaziers (Matt Luck and Rudd Willis) who developed the Laser Lens Gambit Tape.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the sharp Nick St. Denis of KMR joined the podcast to talk forecasts both past and present (some great nuggets for going forward) and really creating very needed data in a space that desperately needs it. Overall, really fun and different cast with tons of takeaways. Thanks again for checking it all out!


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Glass Companies in Florida

I had the great fortune of traveling through Florida this week with the ultimate #GlassNerd and legend Andrew Haring of the National Glass Association. A few quick hits here, and then a special rundown about a first experience ever for me on next week’s blog.

Saw several amazing people and companies, and really had me fired up about the present and future of our industry. Here’s just a sampling.

  • Kristin Thomas and her team at Tab Glass are top notch and class acts through and through. Really impressed by their approach and mission. Just chatting with them on their experiences in the field was something that fired me up—they “get it” and represent our space beautifully.
  • Loved seeing the Daubmann family and team at their D3 Glass operation. It easily ranks as one of the nicest full line fabricators I have ever seen. I was in awe of the “all-star” grouping of machinery (h/t to Andrew for coining that term) and the flow and layout of the plant was incredibly impressive. The Daubmann’s are master marketers but they’re also premium operators with a tremendous team. Plus, they really are wonderful caring people on our industry and more.
  • Last, Privacy Glass Solutions is a company I have followed, and they blossomed into an absolute force in the areas that they play in. Their expanded operation left me speechless—what Kevin Roth has done there in the blinds between glass, switchable smart glass, and deco side is off the charts and growing. Add in an incredibly sharp COO in Jamie Clingan (who has turbo charged things there) and the recipe for more serious success is in play. More on my trip next week!

Economic Indicators

On my podcast Nick St. Denis talked about the 2022 outlook and the ABI also weighed in with their consensus report. They put out their info twice a year, once at the start and once in the middle and the initial take can be found here. A few rough spots but really some seriously positive numbers, especially headed into 2023.

GPAD for Fabricators

If you are a glass fabricator are you ready to handle more work? Or are you able to even handle what you have now? I can’t stress enough the need then to get to GPAD next month in Nashville. For what BEC is to the glazing community, GPAD is for the fabricators. The info that will be shared there, along with supply chain options and serious networking will make a difference in your operation. Learn more and be there.

Super Sky and the Michigan Central Station Rebuild

Last this week … I love when I see our industry in the news and same goes here from a piece in Crains Detroit on the rebuild at the old Michigan Central Station.  Super Sky is doing a ton of work there and I was able to see that in person, but this article goes deep into all the work that is being done there. Joe Lucchese is one of the best manufacturers reps in our world and he has been on fire with this project and deserves kudos for keeping our industry in the right places there. When this one is done we’ll revisit, but congrats to Super Sky, Joe and all involved!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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