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Something Special

Feeling pride in the glass industry

Pride in our industry is something I totally enjoy. In the past few years, this feeling of our value as a trade has really grown and the more we go that way the better. It is that same enthusiasm that we all have to continue to build upon to attract more people to our space.

We have something special here, different and better than any other trade; let’s keep pushing that narrative as far as it can go. This feeling of mine dovetails with last week, and the tough news on what is ahead for us. That blog delivered more feedback to me than any other in a very long time. It is our love for what we do and who we work with that will help get us through the adventures in our path now and in the future. And hopefully along the way we can add to the teams here and grow the right way.


Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers

Glass Magazine review time and congrats to everyone who made the Top 50 Glazier list! What a tremendous achievement! This issue is so much more than just glaziers ranks, the Glass Magazine team broke down the surveys and supply some very interesting feedback on what’s happening now and what may be coming down next. In addition to this amazing coverage, the great Matt Johnson of the Gary Law Firm is back with a must-read on product performance. Check it all out!

Glass Magazine Ad of the Month 

The ad of the month continues to be a battle. So many good ones again, and given this is a very popular issue, all the advertisers brought their “A” game. But we can only pick one winner; this month it goes to Salem Fabrication Supplies. Love the layout of their ad and the wording of “Safety” “Efficiency” and “Productivity” popped! Kudos to Mike Willard, Dan Reinhart, Ann Greco and company on a great piece!

NGA Glass Conference: Chicago

If you are a glass fabricator and care about the technical ins and outs of our industry, then you need to make sure you’ll be at the NGA Glass Conference: Chicago in July. It really is an important technical event for the fabricator/supplier and amazing opportunity to have your voice heard. Plus, the tour and testing at WJE will be awesome. Early bird pricing ends soon; learn more about the event!

TV Getting Glass Wrong

I’ve written here about the show “Ozark” (how about that ending folks?) and how they seemingly get “glass” with the way they’ve talked over the last few seasons on SHGC, Natural Light and Thermochromic glazing. In fact, I thought that Tom Donovan of Thompson IG was moonlighting as a writer on it. Well, if he is, Tom skipped the episode where a broken patio door featured huge shards of annealed glass! Yes, that was for effect and shows better on TV then tiny pieces of tempered on the floor, but wow, after being in the glass know the entire time and to make a mistake like that was a killer.

Plus, if Tom “was” writing he would’ve made the glass in his new protective glass line anyway….Still always a shock to the system to see our products in the wrong place.

New From the Fabricator Podcast Ep

New podcast is dropping next week, and it is an awesome one, so pumped to release. I have two of the three interviews complete, and they were incredible (great guests, making up for my mediocre host skills. LOL) I can’t believe how lucky I have been to talk with so many awesome folks in our world. If there is someone I should have on the show, please never hesitate to drop me a line on it!

Fleetwood Mac’s Top Songs

Last this week, those of you who saw me speak in Toronto or Texas know I love Fleetwood Mac, and so when I saw a link promoting Fleetwood Mac’s top songs of all time, I couldn’t wait to see what this expert ranked them as. Well folks this guy got it so wrong; he had “The Chain” which in my opinion is a top 20 song of all time overall ranked as the groups 10th best! Pure insanity! He also had “Tusk” 15th which was crazy low. His No. 3 song “Everywhere” is brutally too high. He did get 1 position right with “Go Your Own Way” as No. 2 which it should be, but that should’ve been behind “The Chain.” 

Anyway take a gander at it, and if I’m crazy let me know or let me know what other snubs you see.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at