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Winding Down 2022

Goodbye to 2022 and Prepping for the Future

Down the stretch of 2022 we come. These next 7 weeks will fly on by, so buckle in. While usually some people start to coast to finish out the year, many others are grinding trying to get their plans for next year in line.

I suggest that hustle approach because you surely don’t want to be working from behind when the calendar changes. Get the budget done, plan the marketing and communications, get those new product and material meetings on the books, and done if possible, and plan, plan, plan. I think post-Covid our world has changed, more angles are fluid, and the standard approaches just don’t exist anymore. And obviously there is time to decompress with the way the holidays are structured, but don’t go overboard or you’ll regret it!  

As for me on the blog/podcast. I have 4 more blogs coming for the year including my annual Glass Industry MVP one. I have two more podcasts, that if it all comes together, one is very much in flux still, will be exciting to do and to listen/watch. Note, no blog next week leading into Thanksgiving. I’ll be back in this space the week of 11/27.



Last week's pod

In case you missed it, my current podcast is one with the awesome Lisa Lococo Smith of Kawneer and Jennifer Lang of Minneapolis Glass. Amazing talents those two!  

Also, an apology I screwed up and called the wonderful Alicia Hamilton of NGA, Alicia Smith. My brain really is mush most of the time. So sorry Alicia and great work from you, Melanie Dettmer and the NGA team on the Women in Glass and Fenestration event. Check out the podcast in your pre-holiday travels via VIDEO or AUDIO.  Thanks!

Recent data

The Dodge Momentum Index continues to chug along and yet another nice month from it. This is the index that is more “now” and from the general contracting side, so we’ll take it. There are soft spots out there still, but most are staying busy and positive, so let’s keep rolling. 

Note, the next Architectural Billings Index drops early this month on 11/16, so because of the early release possibly it stays positive? We will see and I’ll break it down on my next post. In addition, two other forecasts are due to report out this week, so we’ll be monitoring those and reporting back later.

Congrats are in order

A big congrats to Coleman Jones at Pioneer Cladding and Glazing. Coleman was named Chief Business Development Officer this past week and he’ll be awesome there. He’s been a standard bearer at Pioneer for a long time and I am sure he’ll continue with the great success he’s always had. My guy Paul Robinson there has just a dream team of folks on that squad. Love it. Congrats Coleman!

Inflation Reduction Act

A couple of good resources out on the Inflation Reduction Act and how the investment tax credit works for dynamic and solar. The fine folks at Ubiquitous Energy broke it down nicely in this post that includes some additional resources. On the dynamic side, SAGE Glass did a great job with a well thought out FAQ that features a bunch of links for more detail. Good stuff from both and it seems like if people take advantage of this, and it is a big “if” since we’ve all been through previous stimulus and other tax credit plays that stalled out, it will be a positive for high performing specialty glass! 

Quick rant

I’m old, so this is a comical pet peeve, but my kids will slam the door to my jeep like they are trying to hold off an army or something. These doors are lightweight, no need to slam. I mean if you had to shut a door on a 77 Monte Carlo, you had to use all the muscle in your being to get that one shut, but now? No major energy needed. Anyway, had to get a “get off my lawn” rant out. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last this week, Thanksgiving is approaching and those who know me know it is my all-time favorite holiday.  With that, THANK YOU dear reader/listener/watcher/supporter. I truly appreciate it. It means so much to me that I can use this space as a weekly therapy and also share what is going on in our space. No doubt blessed with great people in this industry and grateful that for 17 years now so many of you have followed me on this journey. I wish only the best to you and yours and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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