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Latest pod, BEC, and Super Bowl Sunday

It’s been a while since I was able to give a review of the latest Glass Magazine, but I have finally caught up and time to take a look at an absolutely powerful January/February edition. This is “Future” issue, and I loved the cover project from Vitro that just popped right off the page. Inside the two major pieces to not miss were the World of Glass report and the 2023 forecast deep dive. Both are important resources for anyone in our space.  

In addition, the great Joe Erb of Quanex takes on what I think is a pretty touchy subject of vinyl in the commercial space and the awesome Spencer Raymond of GGI knocks a great “Trendhunter” column out of the ballpark. Those four pieces are just parts of it, a lot more to see as well. So if you have not taken this issue in yet, please do so and if you don’t have the printed copy, go to and check it out online with no strings attached.

Ad of the Month again is pushing me to the limit on making such a tough call.  The creativity and approaches continue to get better and for overall quality of ads this may be the best issue I have seen yet. My call though goes to TBP Converting. They went with very bold fonts and language as well as close-up pictures that really stood out. They had two ads and both were something that caught my eye and made me stop and read. So kudos to TBP, I don’t think I know anyone there so whomever pulled these off, nice work!


The latest pod

In case you missed it, the February From the Fabricator podcast dropped last week and I’ve loved the feedback from everyone on it. Tons of talk about Katy Devlin’s insights, the new California Glass Association, and Nick St. Denis’ economic breakdown. So please check it out!  

And speaking of the CGA, the San Diego event that they mentioned in the podcast is set. It is on 2/23 and has a sign-up sheet with time and address. So if you are a glass and glazing industry member in Southern California and especially in San Diego, you should attend!

Watch the podcast, or listen on Apple, Spotify, and more.

One more note on the podcast, as I mentioned in my year end post it was a tremendous year for the pod. I hit numbers that I seriously never expected, and the reach just keeps going. Thank you. One thing I wanted to share was what were the top five metro areas that listened to my podcast in 2022:

#5 Orlando, Florida- Obviously Disney folks scouting me or confusing me with my son. LOL.

#4 Charlotte, NC- Thank you Melanie Dettmer who probably physically forces people throughout the city to download in listen.

#3 Los Angeles, CA- I have had a lot of people from the So Cal area on and they obviously have followings!

#2 Minneapolis, MN- Love the loyal folks there and they always come through.

#1 Houston, Texas- The great state of Texas comes through again! But of all the cities in Texas to lead the way I would’ve probably had Houston after Dallas and San Antonio. Regardless, I’ll take it and I’m honored.

Again thank you for listening/watching, much appreciated!

Looking ahead to BEC

Have you signed up for BEC yet? I am so excited for this event, as we are seeing a nice uptick in registrations and the agenda is looking very good.  A couple of sessions to give you a sneak peek at include on Tuesday the 7th a dream session on generational and mentorship gaps with three fabulous leaders in Joey Aragon, Jeff Haber, and Taylor Anderson. Also on Monday the 6th we’ll have our keynote, which is seemingly unlike any other we’ve had with professional poker player Maria Konnikova. More insight to come but make those plans and do not miss the Tuesday sessions! Check those travel plans please!

Super Bowl Sunday

Last this week, so how about the fact I called the Super Bowl matchup and have a chance for the 3rd year in a row to get the champ right. I said KC for this year to win, so we’ll see. Anyway, looking forward to the game and commercials as always. Special shout out to Chuck Knickerbocker as he is a huge and loyal Philadelphia fan who happens to live smack dab in the middle of KC Chief country. So a KC win could make his life a bit nightmarish. Good luck Chuck! 

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