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New Pod + Mix of News

Pod, news and upcoming events

The latest From the Fabricator podcast is now out and it’s a good mix of people and subject matter.

Leading it off is Jeff Dalaba and Ben Beeler from NACC & AGMT.  As many know, I am a huge supporter of the certification processes that these guys are heading up so having them on to talk about it along with other industry insights was a blast. Next up was Asta Fivgas of Reflection Window and Wall. She’s an architect working within our world and making a difference on a few different levels. Sharp and interesting, I think we’re going to see and hear a lot more from Asta in the future. Last I caught up with Austin Casey of Service Station. His platform is a fascinating one and it’s a big help for companies that need assistance in the CSR realm. Good background and the product makes sense.

So please check it out. Very diverse subjects and people overall! Thank you for watching and listening. The listening stats are mind blowing. Thank you!

Watch on YouTube, and listen here, as well as on Apple, Spotify, Google etc.


Glass Conference: Tacoma

Mark your calendars, this week registration opens for Glass Conference: Tacoma and this is a crucial event in our industry. Urmilla Sowell and team are putting together a really robust docket of education and dialogue and if you haven’t attended one of these conferences, I suggest giving this one a try. More info as it comes out but try and make it happen and be in Tacoma July 25-27. 

Vitro partnership

Congrats to Vitro on the news of their connection with First Solar. That is exciting stuff and again puts our space in a positive light. A few people asked me if that deal would be a drag on supply and the way I understand it, this situation will not affect the typical capacity into the architectural glass space. So that really makes it a positive overall.  

School glazing

The recent focus by several states to get into school glazing is a great movement. Especially with many looking to go into ballistic glass in certain points of the building. I hate that our world overall is in this mode, but it now is what it is. As I have noted many times here before we have tons of options in this segment and it continues to be on all of us to push what we can do to the decisionmakers at the schools and communities. Don’t be bashful, we have the options that make a difference!

Garibaldi Glass Day

Later this week Garibaldi Glass Day will be held in Canada and looks to be an awesome event. Quite a bit of learning on tap delivered by some of the best of the best in our industry including the OG Glass Nerd Andrew Haring. Kawneer, Technoform, FHC, Dow, and others will be on hand so I am sure the experience will be a good one. Heck any time you get Andrew on campus, the fun meter just goes off the charts!

Blackberry movie

Last this week, I am beyond excited that “Blackberry” movie is coming out in a few weeks. This movie is based on one of the best books I have ever read called “Losing the Signal” and it was a detailed story on the rise and fall of the Blackberry phone. There are few moments in the book that are perfect for the movie, so I am very curious to see if Hollywood plays it straight or gets wonky with it. Obviously those who know me will expect me to report back here on the flick and I will surely do so later in May!


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at