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The Office Part 2

Still looking ahead to getting back in the office

Last week I talked about the glimmering hope on the return to office area and the positivity there and I noted I’d have more on that this week. For that it was an article in Wall Street Journal that talked about the effect that the lack of return to office is having on so many people, including our space. The article gave some good data on the trends and forecasting via Dodge which gave some upbeat answers to this on-going issue.

Still, the bottom line remains, getting people in any form or fashion back into an office mode is important for the economy and our industry. More hybrid maybe? Then as it comes to the office space, comfort and security are paramount and again that is where we come in. We provide the products that allow the natural light, and we have the best options by far for security. Each and every day we are seeing new and better security/protective options hit the marketplace-including for the office.

The bottom line is this continues to be an area we have to stay on top of and push what we do ahead of other trades. Especially if the pie is getting smaller, it’s imperative people know that the glass and metal space has the solutions for a very productive and successful office setting. 


Dodge Momentum Index for June

Interesting report from the Dodge Momentum Index for June. Institutional lagged badly, while hotels and lodging kicked in and had a good month. Remember that was an area you’ve read here and heard on my podcast that was going to do well and it has continued to be the case. The overall index was down because of the institutional struggles but the commercial side alone was up 3%, so we’ll take it. Lots of volatility out there folks and no end in sight for that. On that note the next Architectural Billings Index is released this coming Wednesday with deeper reporting scheduled, so next week we’ll cover that here and try to make sense of it all.

GBA registration opens

Also this week, registration opens for GlassBuild America. If you are interested in getting the amazing tour of Mercedes Benz Stadium, the best way to get a shot at being on that event is register for the show sooner than later. Go to and more info coming. Show this year is in Atlanta in late October. See you there!

Good company and people news

Some good company news. One of the stars of the past GPAD Conference was Kyle Lindersmith with his Burkle Laminating line and he hit the news this week with a successful install at Viwinco. Love seeing new tech matched up with great organizations and this surely fits the bill.

Also the gang at NVOY Fire Rated Systems with some big news in the fire rated space. They’ve got the strong product lines from Polflam and Aliplast to be able to manufacture and supply fire resistive glazing. Exciting stuff for sure and my old pal Art Huard is once again on fire (no pun intended) with this product line. 

Congrats to Dave Maikowski on his new gig with 3E Nano out of Toronto. 3E Nano focuses on commercializing high-performance and optically effective nano-thin Solar Control coatings for use in innovative, lightweight, and low-cost fenestration applications. This has serious disruptive potential and not many people out there are better than David to deliver this to the market. Excited to see more and super happy for my friend rocking with this very important and cool gig!

Latest in Hollywood

Last this week… so with the writers and actors now on strike in Hollywood, looks like we could get a serious slowdown on new shows/movies. We’ll see, it obviously depends on how long it lasts. Note that soap operas are not affected so everyone on General Hospital can continue to get selective amnesia. 

Anyway, one recommendation on something to watch. If you are a music fan the John Waite (mostly known for the tune “Missing You”) documentary on Amazon was really good. Tortured and complex guy and it really shows the dirty underbelly of the old music world. Good watch. Note if Hollywood doesn’t work it all out soon, we can all watch Andrew Haring jobsite TikToks…(which are very very good by the way).

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