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Podcast on Both Coasts

An industry anniversary and growing cities in America

Podcast on Both Coasts

New podcast is up, and it features a truly dynamic duo—one from the East Coast and one from the West.

Kicking things off is Ashley Klein of AK Glazing. She is dominating in South Florida and her drive and focus are something to behold. Some fun insight provided, and I think she’s really doing it all the right way.

Then to the west and Evan Afenir of Double Play Glass. He’s a sharp young man with some great takes and the right understanding of how to handle this market and continue to evolve. The best thing for me is these two people are young and hungry and are the future of our space and that is absolutely awesome!

Thanks for watching/listening, and I truly appreciate the growth of my audience. The audio portion numbers are astounding and I am grateful to all!

Where to find the podcast:


AUDIO or search for "From the Fabricator" on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


Training and development on LinkedIn

Sometimes I see certain trends on LinkedIn that really make me sit up and pay attention. One trend is the training and development that Fulgencio Rey IV has been pushing at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. I love seeing the posts and the company’s approaches. They are all about continuous improvement, and I’ve always loved that angle. Kudos Fulgencio and team on doing the right thing for the operation and folks in it.

Danik Dancause Celebrates 21 Years at Walker Glass

Congrats to the best dressed (overall category, slightly ahead of Dapper Dan Reinhart of Salem) person in our world. Danik Dancause of Walker Glass is celebrating his 21st anniversary at Walker and in our industry! Danik is always a breath of energy and fresh air and just a fabulous person.

I have enjoyed getting to know him over these years and his impact has been huge. Congrats on year No. 21 my friend, and I look forward to many more from you!

List of the 10 Fastest Growing Cities (According to Builder Online)

List time; what are the fastest growing cities in the U.S.? You may be surprised…I was!

10. Reno, Nevada: Really surprised—did not think Reno was a grower.

9. Ogden, Utah: Lots of Utah on here.

8. Logan, Utah: Yup, more Utah.

7. Austin, Texas: It’s not Tesla attracting it, it’s the Munson family and Anchor-Ventana!

6. Destin, Florida: Guess it’s more than a vacation spot now?

5. St. George, Utah: Steel Encounters knows what it’s doing! (All over Utah)

4. Bend, Oregon: Another surprise.

3. Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and No. 2 Boise, Idaho: back-to-back Idaho! Last week they were in project spotlight, and now this. That state is on fire!

And No. 1 growth is…Provo, Utah. Wow that is something—the state of Utah surely in growth mode!

By the way who’s not growing? Bottom 5 are:

5. Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania: Once upon a time, we had a huge customer in this city but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. Maybe some PDC alumni will remember. Sad to see this at bottom of the list.

4. Lawton, Oklahoma: I thought Oklahoma was in growth mode.

3. Lima, Ohio: This was always small to me, but obviously not growing either.

2. Shreveport, Louisiana: Stunning. I know my pals at Tomakk, led by the very cool Clay Hargett, are doing fine.

And the slowest growing city—Decatur, Illinois. Maybe the town should throw money at Tom O’Malley to have him move his empire from Chicago south to Decatur? 

See the full list at Builder Online

Glass in Hollywood!

Last this week… I have not seen Oppenheimer yet but will do so eventually but I did see had an industry connection with the box office hit. The emerging transparent photovoltaic company UbiQD welcomed the acclaimed director of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan, to their facility when it was being filmed nearby and some of their folks were extras in the movie. Super cool stuff and something the team will always remember! See a picture of the visit from the UbiQB twitter feed!

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