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Podcast Trio of Justice

Three amazing guests

The latest edition of the From the Fabricator podcast is now up and we’ve got three folks coming from three different directions. Good stuff on all.

I start off with the industry stalwart Joe Erb of Quanex. Joe is truly an “industry guy” and has so many good takes on our world, including what’s happening at Quanex, and more. Then I go on an initial voyage with Nico Sanchez of Solite Systems. I knew nothing on Nico and very little on Solite Systems, so this was a great chance to learn. Nico is an interesting guy with a product that is special to our space. Plus, he joins Carl Christ of DFI and Katy Devlin of NGA in the "actual" rock star category. In any case, I think Solite Systems will be one to keep an eye on going forward. Last, I welcomed Charles Lubecke of Q-railing. Charles has had a fascinating path to our world and has made some great impressions along the way. Good to hear about Q’s progress too, as that railing space is a strong one for glass and Q railing is all in there. Each guy also did super with the “fun” question too, lots of food for thought there! Thank you for checking it out as always!

You can watch on YouTube and listen here, as well as on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts


Mainstream coverage

Our world got some nice mainstream coverage this week with Kyle Sword of NSG Pilkington doing his best Brad Pitt imitation gracing the cover of a story in the Toledo Blade. Kyle was featured in a piece about a tech hub coming to Toledo that would be a massive plus for the region. No doubt his passion can sell this thing and help our industry shine! Here’s the story! Nice work Kyle!

Personnel moves

Good to see the ultra-talented Steven Acker take a role at Everest USA.  They are a strong window/curtain wall player in Europe making inroads in North America. Obviously having someone like Steven on board will be a huge help. Congrats my friend!  

Also recently I noted that the team at Super Sky added the top-notch rep team at PGP to their roster. Well, Brian Thomas there is on a roll because he did it again by adding industry vets Angus MacMillan and Allen Davidson and their firms to the organization. I know both guys though I go further back with Angus and know he’s one of the best around. Always love it when good people connect and match up with good organizations!

Office market

Speaking of good people, one is Joe Staffileno and he was nice enough to share with me this video of a major developer talking on CNBC about that tricky office market. Pretty interesting take here on who the winners and losers may be as we continue to evolve the way the post covid office works.   

Acelab update

I’ve also talked on here about the team from Acelab, and I got an update on them this week. They have made significant inroads adding a few massive players to the platform all the while reaching more and more architects. If you haven’t been on the site in a while check it out, really gaining in all the right areas and a great look for our industry as we try to impress upon the design community.

Super Bowl predictions

Last this week… what everyone is waiting for… my Super Bowl pick!  Now my pre-season picks have not gone well (Thanks Baltimore) but my picks when the playoffs start have been on fire.  So now I have to channel that same energy into this pick and get it right.  I am going with an all “Quarterback” from Netflix final- Kansas City vs Minnesota.  Mahomes vs. Cousins.  (If you haven’t watched that show but remotely like football, you’ll love this series).  And I’m going with KC repeating.  Now that’s my head decision… Super Bowl I want to see?  Jets vs Lions.  Two fanbases that have been tortured.  The hype on this one would be off the charts- as would be ticket prices.  



Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at