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Predictions for 2023

What to expect for the year ahead

Last week was easy. Reviewing predictions is a walk in the park compared to making them. But here we are, and this is what you expect from me, so the crystal ball is shined up and ready to go. My money back guaranteed predictions for our space in the year ahead.

Imports are back

Covid was the obvious disruptor and then the supply chain nightmares followed so the folks that were importing were held back. Now as we head into 2023 that approach is cleared and starting to pop. Obviously importing is a touchy subject but my prediction here is that more and more folks will be active in bringing in things they can’t get on-shore, so whichever side you are on in this deal, prepare accordingly!

Residential players to push into commercial

This is big, both employees, workforce, project managers etc., and companies that were focused on residential are going to switch sides and come to the commercial realm. Residential operators will start to poke around and look to find a hole that they can jump in on the commercial side to keep things rolling. So for some reading this blog you now have foreign competition and residential competition now added to your mix. Sorry. 


Yeah, I am biased. I admit it, but this product is going to hit the ground running hard in 2023. Energy demands need it, and the product is out there with some great people involved like Michael Spellman, many at Vitro Architectural Glass, and Dave Cooper to name a few. With some codes already changed and others expected to be, VIG is going to dip the toe in and before too long the entire foot then legs will be in the water. Exciting for our industry, too! 

More consolidation

I actually thought a year or two ago we would see break-ups, but it’s never happened, and we are still getting interested parties in our space looking to gobble. Look for more companies to be bought up and combined/consolidated into bigger players. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not, but this is a trend that will pick up even more steam in '23.


More on both. Our labor issues are severe and while neither makes a huge help in labor, they can make a dent and also have some controllability play. We’ve seen unitized continue to grow and that will not slow up, but now seeing more modular come into play could integrate even more of what we manufacture and install. So be aware!

Bonus: The shows keep growing 

2022 was a great bounce back for our industry events and 2023 will just expand that. BEC looks to be amazing. Note: Tuesday, Day 2 of BEC, a session on ways to add labor, address mentorship gaps, recruitment and more is scheduled. Do not make plans to leave until after that session.

Events like Top Glass Canada and TEXpo should be great again. And wow, GlassBuild has a tough act to follow but the energy there in 2022 will transfer on to 2023. Mark your schedules and be there.

So there ya go, we’ll see what happens and what does not, no matter what we’ve got the year in front of us so let’s get at it!


One of my all-time favorites is Rick Alexander the brilliant National Sales Manager of Tom Brown Inc. Rick dropped a blog this week on his company celebrating 40 years in the tape conversion business and the background he covered was a great read. Check it out HERE and congrats to everyone at Tom Brown on this anniversary and the continuation of being in business overall since 1936!

Vortex Glass acquisition

A big Guardian Glass deal made the news recently with the acquisition of Vortex Glass in Florida. Smart move by Guardian Glass to build into the laminated side because folks Laminated glass is very popular and growing.  This was an under the radar deal that makes me think more may be coming.  Nice combo of companies and congrats to all involved. 

Glass Enterprise new website

Also, congrats to the tremendous Josh Burg and his team at Glass Enterprises on the launch of their new website. Really well done, easy to get around and smart in the way they broke down each area of the business they served. Only thing missing were the beauty shots of Josh and his team from the last site- maybe those will be coming soon! Seriously though rebuilding a site is a battle and kudos to GEI for crushing it!

Airport rankings

Last this week, airport rankings. I have gone back and forth with the Hawaiian legend Lyle Shimazu on this for years, with him saying Portland is so much better than I think it is. Anyway, the latest formal rankings came out at the end of the year and some surprises.

For large airports your top five were San Francisco, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit and Phoenix. I love seeing Detroit on there because it is a great airport. I have no issues with the list, though Minneapolis can be like running a marathon depending on where you land.

Worst big airports were O’Hare, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, JFK and Newark.  Also I am good with those, all absolute nightmares in so many ways. Now, on to medium sized, the top five were Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Antonio, and Portland. Lyle obviously got to the voters and man I love the people in San Antonio but I don’t think your airport is top five. San Diego is awesome. Worst medium were Dallas Love, Austin, Cleveland and Washington Reagan. Maybe I missed something, but I like Love Field in Dallas. Anyway there ya go, these were from the Wall Street Journal and their experts and I just love sharing.  

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