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"Taylor" Made

Two great Taylors on the latest pod

The latest From the Fabricator podcast is out and it is truly “Taylor” made for the industry. Yes, I know the term is “tailor” made, but this episode features two awesome Taylors; Trey Taylor of BEES Inc. and Henry Taylor of Kawneer.  

Trey is an awesome human and wildly talented. What he and his team have built at BEES is truly impressive. It was great to get that background and Trey’s takes on products and prospects going forward. Very enlightening. Next, it was an honor for me to chat with Henry Taylor. Henry and I worked together years ago and he was, and still is, a key cog in the BEC machine too. I love Henry and he surely did not disappoint. He went deep on takes on training, occupant comfort, new approaches and much more. So enlightening and a good friend to boot.  

I know you have several podcast choices, including an episode I’ll mention below, so I thank you for the support. The audio version stats just blow my mind, and I am extremely grateful to all of you who give it a whirl each time out.

Watch on YouTube, or listen here, as well as by searching “From the Fabricator” on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your pods.


Eyes on automation

Last week I wrote on automation and that need, and it sat wrong with some out there, so I wanted to chat through it more. There are positions in this industry that never can be taken by machines. We know that. But in areas that can be advanced with automation, that needs to happen. Got to go into this all with open eyes that is for sure. In the meantime, one of the areas that makes us special, our craftsmanship, will not be denied.  

Registration for NGA Glass Conference

Registration is now open for the big NGA Glass Conference: Isles of Palms/Charleston that is happening in early February. This is an absolute must attend if you are on the fabricated side of the ball. Urmilla Sowell and her team do an amazing job with this effort and everyone who attends comes away with more understanding of the technical aspects that are affecting our world now or will affect it later. Learn more and get registered today.

Glass Canada Magazine podcast

I mentioned above about podcasts. The one that Patrick Flannery does for Glass Canada Magazine is really good. Pat is a great interviewer, and I was honored to be on it back in the day. His latest episode is with the brilliant Jeff Dalaba of NACC. Jeff is always great to converse with and he always provides so much food for thought. Lot of strong nuggets from this one, but I am biased because I am a true believer in the NACC mission. Still, it’s a worthy listen. Click here for more info or you can search GlassTalk at your favorite outlet.  

Best and worst airports

Last this week… It’s time again for the best and worst airports from the Wall Street Journal. This is a yearly event and one I always love to cover. My good pal Lyle Shimazu and I have debated and his love for the Portland, OR airport still cracks me up. He’s loyal, that is for sure! So to the list and my comments.

Top 5 Large Airports:

5. Detroit: Should be #1. Checks all the boxes. Travesty that its 5th.

4. Atlanta: Some may squeal but hear me out. It's busy as heck, but there’s a ton of food options and it is easy to get around. 

3. LAX: Ummm, really? Seriously? Did the WSJ riders go anywhere other than the swanky Delta lounge there? Yikes. 

2. Minneapolis: Solid airport. Can get lots of exercise there. Minnesota nice always ranks with me. The giant billboard of Bill Sullivan of Brin welcoming you to town is a nice touch too.  

1. Phoenix: No way, maybe I missed something, but that airport lacks a lot. Can’t be #1.  

For worst big airports, Newark was last and that tracks, with JFK right behind, DFW, and Orlando. No qualms there. I like Orlando as a city, but that airport needs to get better and hopefully get some more expansions. 

For medium sized, the best was San Jose. I have yet to see it. San Antonio was second and it is a solid airport that has gotten better over the years. Houston was right behind and I really was impressed last time I was there.

For worst on the medium side of things…San Juan led the way with Washington DCA and Austin right behind. Austin is brutal, folks. I love Texas but that airport can be a nightmare, last time I was there the traffic backups were so bad people just abandoned their rental cars and walked to a terminal that featured lines that were truly bonkers.  

The whole list and documentation is here.  Lyle, they had your beloved Portland at #6 in the medium sized. Still work to do there, my friend! Fellow road warriors, weigh in!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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