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The Thrill of the Pod

Over 100 podcasts guests 

Next week there will be a new episode of the From the Fabricator podcast. It looks to be a good one. It got me thinking on how many people I’ve interviewed so far. The three guests that will appear will be numbers 114, 115, and 116. When I tallied that up, I was somewhat stunned. I did not think I had interviewed that many people, but sure enough I have. So I obviously missed the traditional milestone of 100 guests, so here’s noting it all now.

More than 100 guests in and the goal was to bring as many voices and views to the industry as possible. It’s been such a cool run in getting to know people of every make and model in our space and looking forward to more to come. I’ve had the honor of interviewing industry legends like Mr. Don Friese, major leaders like Ricardo Maiz, Steve Weidner, Garret Henson and Nicole Harris, and overall so many tremendously cool and smart people. Plus I had guys like Adrian Lowenstein on before he added a Hollywood talent agent and complete entourage. So there’s that!

Catch up with it all by searching “From the Fabricator” where you get your podcasts (or find them here on Apple) and check them out, plus feel free to rate and review too! Thanks for the support and I’ll continue to push these episodes out every month. Also, while I do have a wish list of people that I am working on, if there’s someone you want me to chase down for an interview, let me know! 


ABI Index

The latest Architectural Billings index was released this week and it came in at a dead flat number of 50.0. Remember, 50 is the break-even so that’s where we are at and with last month being at 50.1 this is being considered as “stable” and I guess we’ll take it. In some of the surveys of respondents, though, it was noted some more softening was taking place, so that bears following. In addition, the Design Contracts and Design Inquiries both dropped, so really this was not a good month despite things staying level. We’ve all been expecting the volatility and while it hasn’t been as intense as we thought, it is here. My worry continues to be the interest rate issue and the economy overall are just not encouraging for positive times. Eventually the indexes will show it.  

Good glass in Ukraine

The great Dr. Kayla Natividad of NSG/Pilkington sent me this amazing read on the need for good glass in Ukraine.  Really something. Also a line in there about quality that will make you chuckle. 

Newsletter to follow

I’ve talked on here many times about Chris Phillips and his incredible resource on Facebook with the Shower Door Professionals group. Now, Chris expanded and has a newsletter for that group that you can subscribe too and get the latest. Here’s the link to the current edition and from there you sign up for it and also join the group and more. If you are in the shower door world in any capacity, it is a must. 

GlassBuild 2023

GlassBuild. You know I am going to keep harping on it because you have to be there. Have you looked at the quality and quantity of exhibitors? My gosh it is amazing. So many great companies from all over the world. Everything you need all in one place over three days in Atlanta. Seriously, if you are not building those networks ahead of any “soft times” as mentioned above, you are doing it wrong. Attending and being active on that GlassBuild floor is a big key to business in 2024, so I’d make sure you’re there. 

College football

Last this week, College Football is back. I do love this sport but I am afraid with all of the conference changes its going to lose some luster. Until then though I am going to enjoy it all to the max. Who’s gonna win it all? I’d love to see Michigan, but they’re snakebit constantly (sometimes self inflicted) and so I am going with their rival Ohio State. As many know I do not like Ohio State (I went to “little brother" Ohio U. and live in Michigan so I really can’t like the Buckeyes) but that team is stacked and amazingly there are people sleeping on them right now. So Ohio State over Georgia is the call.



Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at