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Conferences, Sales, Boards & More

Taking a look at recent sales, new boards and the most recent pod

The latest edition of the NGA Glass Conference wrapped up this past week in South Carolina and I am always amazed at how much gets done at those things. Not being close to a technical stalwart, I tend to review these events from afar, leaving the technical superstars from our industry to do their thing. This outing covered the gambit of items including codes and guidelines, but deeper dives into school security, which hopefully takes another step forward here soon. This moving into the code realm has to be done right! Meaning with the right style of products that have the teeth to get the job done, no bare minimums here.

Also, there was a bit of a cliffhanger as the DOE had representatives on hand and noted that in the next few weeks something is coming out that will make the folks in the room very happy. That surely bears keeping an eye on. I’m excited to read more of the follow ups. Now all focus turns to BEC and GPAD. Can’t wait!


Latest pod

ICYMI, the latest podcast has been burring up the podwaves! I had a feeling that bringing back Nick St. Denis and Tim Widner would do that, and it did. If you missed it, see below for handy links. The two areas making news among others? Nick’s talks on the way 23 ended and thoughts on 24 and Tim’s solar stats. Surely both getting people talking! Thanks again for checking it out. And if all goes well, I have a special “bonus” edition of the podcast next week. So stay tuned!

Watch it on YouTube or listen here, as well as on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Sales news

Deals are starting to pop more and more. After months of hot rumors, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope bought Midwest Glass Fabricators. It will be interesting to see how this fits in the OBE portfolio with the legendary Perrysburg, OH facility not that far away. Meanwhile, at least 3 other deals are close, including another one that will have an effect in my backyard in Michigan, among other areas. With some areas softening, as I mention below, the time to sell may be sooner than later for some on the fence or close. 

Texas Glass Association Board

Those who know me know I love the glass universe in the great state of Texas. Over the past few weeks, the various Boards of the trade associations in the state have been set and folks, it is awesome and stunning the talent that in on display. So many tremendous folks. The big overall board from the Texas Glass Association reads like a “who’s who” of incredible people.  

Executive Board:
Kyle Sharp- President
Brian Risinger- Vice President
Landon Lovette- Secretary
Jody Hilton- Treasurer


Board Members:
Wade Arnold
Chris Bayer 
Kristina Buckett – (also TGA- North Texas President)
Jacque Freeman – (also Houston Area Glass Association-HAGA President)
Tyler Hall
Sam Hill
Kyle Lamb
Felix Munson, Sr.
Rick Newnom
Scott Theut
Chance Lloyd
Valerie Nagy

The takeaway? You cover every base here. Between Kyle Sharp and Brian Risinger you have two of the nicest, classiest guys around who also happen to be off the charts leaders. Then below, one of my all-time favorites in Jacque Freeman is there. Jacque just continues to climb to awesome heights thanks to talent and a relentless drive and nothing will stop her, and she’s a fabulous person too. I’ve written about many of these other folks over the years, so many instances of them giving back to our industry to make it a better place. Congrats to all and thank you to all for volunteering and supporting. 

Also not listed, but I have to mention because I’m a fan… Michael DeFrank and Robert Heffernan are on the board of TGA- NTD, and RJ Hernandez and Lindsay Price are on the HAGA board, so great to see, all excellent people. Texas truly has it going on! For those I don’t know, I look forward to meeting soon either at a meeting, or at GlassBuild in Dallas this fall.

AIA consensus report

AIA consensus report was released recently. The top line was that 2024 for non-residential may be up 4% with a lag in 2025 at only 1.2%. Remember, this is taking several forecasts and boiling them up into the consensus. This chart allows you to look at all. If you listened/watched the pod with Nick mentioned above, these numbers do align. For me, the public safety one is fascinating. That is a large jump, one I have been bullish about for too long. Is it going to hit now? Overall though I know some are staying busy while others have softened. So we continue to try and mine all we can from the data and chase work responsibly.  

Office space news

Been meaning to get to this… a truly different view of the office space issue. How about this headline “The looming office space real estate shortage. Yes, shortage.” Now this article takes into account the challenging happenings in that space that could actually make things tighter? Interesting quick read. 

Travel news

Last this week… the best travel writer on the planet is Dawn Gilbertson of the Wall Street Journal and recently she took part in a new airport security set up in Denver. Great read and will be very curious on how this works as it goes live. Road warriors if and when you experience this new arrangement in Denver, let me know. This could be our future!


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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