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Glass Cast Season 2 Episode 1

Matt Aragon, Aragon Construction, with SLAM Collaborative’s Keith Fine

Glass Cast from the National Glass Association returns for a new season, with NGA's hosts Katy Devlin & Sara Neiswanger. Episode 1 features a one-on-one conversation between an architect and a glazier: Keith Fine, AIA of The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM) and Matt Aragon, DBIA of ARAGON Construction. Hear what architects are seeking in their partnerships with glaziers and more.

Episodes are available on both YouTube and Spotify. 

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About Glass Cast

Glass Cast: From the NGA is a quick hitting and timely podcast from the National Glass Association and its leading architectural glass publication, Glass Magazine. Glass Cast covers need-to-know topics vital to anyone in the glass industry—from business-first solutions to help owners build profits, to insights on market trends and challenges. The podcast is hosted by key voices from the NGA team and features interviews and presentations from glass industry leaders.