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New Pod and It's a huge week!

GPAD and BEC are here!

Big week and month ahead, and a great way to start it is with a new podcast episode with folks that bring some fresh insights!

This one kicks off with one of the best specifiers in the country: Aaron Pine of Construction Specifications. Aaron has seen a ton out there, and shares thoughts on trends, approaches, and best practices. Lots of nuggets in there especially if you want to gain share in the design community!

Next up was the daughter/father duo of Christina Elia and Brad Leamon of The Shower Guy. Really cool dynamic here with a pair of smart and gutsy people doing good things now and with sharp moves to the future (co-op). Was neat to dive into the shower door space, hear some trends, and lots of good banter back and forth. Thank you in advance for checking this all out – I do appreciate it!

To find the podcast:



Or, search “From the Fabricator” on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts


BEC/GPAD is here

So, here we go, are you ready for Nashville? The town will be covered up with the best of the best in our space, and I can’t wait to learn and listen and catch up with old friends and make some new ones as well. BEC and GPAD are gonna be awesome!

I always have a goal when I go to any event to expand my network, and this time out, I am looking forward to meeting in person Dan Zucchi of Halio, Sara Barchak of EFCO (great blogger in her own right) and Priscilla Koeckeritz of Brin. Hopefully I see them, but with the throngs of people attending, sometimes time flies and I don’t get around to all. Please stop me if you see me too! Anyway, can’t wait for these events to get rolling and next week I’ll have my usual report from the scene.

Busy Hurricane Season Ahead in 2024

The initial reporting for the 2024 hurricane season is out, and it is expected to be a busy one. But will it be like 2023 where it was busy out in the water, away from most land? Or, will we get storms that come ashore? Obviously, I am wishing/hoping for that very light season overall. Still, one to watch and regardless, there are no better hurricane resistant products than what we put out in the glass and glazing industry.

Frank D’Aprile of KENPAT Educates Students on Glass

One of the classier folks in our space is Frank D’Aprile of KENPAT. He showed it once again this past week with his report from an event that he was at in Central Florida. Frank and team got to educate students from two local high schools on the greatness of construction and building products. It is fantastic to see pushes like this gaining more and more momentum. Any and every opportunity that you see that we can get in front of youth and talk about what we do, we need to do it. Kudos Frank and KENPAT for going all out here. 

Transforming Office Space into Residential

We’ve had discussions a few times here and on my podcast about transforming offices into living quarters. The challenges are many, but it can be done. Construction Dive just noted 5 big ones. Anyone out there involved with these?

Delay On Adderall

I have a few friends that either need Adderall or have kids on it and this story about the delay and problems in making it is absolutely maddening. No idea why we can’t be better at the entire oversight process.

Patrick Muessig New President at Azon

Last this week…very, very cool stuff. Patrick Muessig was named president at Azon. Patrick has done it all in his career and is a fantastic person much deserving of this position. Patrick is a staple at the shows and events and always had something new and cool for me to see. This is just super news and will be great for Azon and our industry! Congrats! 


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at