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Blazing Trends: The Surging Demand for Fire-Rated Glass 

Aesthetics, technology and sustainability are shaping the future of fire-rated glass in an increasingly multi-functional world.

Invisible Protection: Hardening Entrances with Multifunctional, Fire-Rated Glass

Entrances are increasingly being asked to defend against several life safety threats, especially in schools. When selecting systems, multifunctional systems can help to balance functionality and aesthetics while protecting occupants.

Keep up to code through a fire-rated, thermally efficient facade

Fire-rated systems are designed and tested to improve building safety. Thermal insulation in facade systems can increase both energy efficiency and fire safety at the same time.

Judge Finds in Favor of Safti First in Patent Dispute Case

In a summary judgement dated Feb. 3, Chief Magistrate Joseph C. Spero of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the patent infringement claims filed by Ely Holdings Ltd. and Greenlite Glass Systems against Safti First, a U.S. fire-rated glass and framing…

3 Applications Transformed with Fire-rated Glass

A new breed of fire-resistive glass has transformed how architects design and reimagine spaces. 

Advanced Protection

Fire-rated glass and glazing has evolved. Manufacturers increasingly provide fire-rated glass and glazing solutions that are larger, more complex and better able to meet added performance requirements for thermal efficiency, daylighting, impact safety and more. 

Wired glass still a misunderstood product

Contrary to popular belief, wired glass has not been banned from use. Traditional wired glass can still be used in annealed glass applications—if it meets the wind and thermal load requirements—and in fire window assemblies that are not in hazardous locations. However, it is limited to 25 percent…