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Judge Finds in Favor of Safti First in Patent Dispute Case

In a summary judgement dated Feb. 3, Chief Magistrate Joseph C. Spero of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the patent infringement claims filed by Ely Holdings Ltd. and Greenlite Glass Systems against Safti First, a U.S. fire-rated glass and framing manufacturer, could not proceed to trial, finding that the Safti First’s fire-resistant floor does not violate Ely’s patent, reports Safti First officials in a company release.

Ely is based in the United Kingdom. Greenlite is a Canadian company which represents Vetrotech Saint Gobain using Ely’s fire-rated glass floor. They filed a complaint in the Federal District Court in November 2018, alleging that Safti First infringed on the companies' fire-rated glass flooring patent. Safti First, which manufactures the GPX FireFloor system, a fire-resistive floor system with ratings of one and two hours, responded by denying all claims. Safti First has its own very different and more utilitarian fire-rated floor, say officials..

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