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HHH Equipment Resources Launches Kodiak, Edging Equipment Brand


HHH Equipment Resources, a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc., announced the launch of a new line of glass edging equipment.

Using over 125 years of glass industry experience, HHH developed Kodiak, a line of glass edging equipment that is designed to specifically meet the needs of the North American market and its fabricators. The Kodiak machines feature heavy-duty spindles and frame construction that are designed for continuous use and ideal for oversized glass. All machines are UL/CE certified, come with an industry-leading warranty and will be serviced in the United States by HHH’s team of 23 technicians.

“After many years serving the industry, we began to recognize gaps in the market for North American fabricators. Our fabricators need equipment that is reliable, offers competitive speeds and is serviced here in the United States. We’re proud to be the first in the glass industry to offer a brand of edging equipment that is exclusively designed for and serviced in the U.S.,” says HHH Equipment Resources President Mike Synon.

The complete Kodiak line will include glass edging, polishing, beveling and mitering equipment. All Kodiak equipment was built to offer exceptional edge quality, competitive production speeds and proven track design. The Kodiak line launches with two machines: the Kodiak 10 Flat Polishing Machine and the Kodiak 10-45 Glass Polishing and Mitering Machine. Three additional machines are expected to follow in late 2021.