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Maryland Glass & Mirror Launches New Shower Door Offering with FuseCube Express

Maryland Glass & Mirror, a glass fabricator and wholesale distributor located in Baltimore, installed DFI’s FuseCube Express to upgrade and protect its shower glass products. The protective glass coating machine streamlines the application of Diamon-Fusion protection through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, ensuring double-sided coverage, uniform application and a higher-quality coating.

The new strategy is part of Maryland Glass & Mirror’s push to promote its presence in the shower door market, providing customers additional value-added features on their shower glass products, say officials. Key new benefits include a machine-controlled process, uniform application, easy-to-clean glass, double-sided coverage, and a lifetime warranty.

“As a long-time Diamon-Fusion customer, we are excited to see Maryland Glass & Mirror make the move to add the FuseCube Express. Adding the Express will allow them to offer high-performance shower glass to all their customers, with double-sided coverage, and faster shipping times. We can’t wait to help them get the word out,” says Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development, Diamon-Fusion International.

Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds to the glass, transforming it into a high-performing, water-repellent surface protecting it from stains and corrosion. Like a non-stick cooking pan, surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion become easier to clean and require less care to maintain. For Maryland Glass & Mirror, adding Diamon-Fusion, through the FuseCube Express, uniquely positions them in the market, providing customers superior shower glass at affordable rates.

Maryland Glass & Mirror services the needs of contract glaziers, glass dealers, door companies, millworkers, government agencies, and OEM Manufacturers. “Adding Diamon-Fusion easy-to-clean coating through a machine-applied process, ensures that our shower glass will be optimally protected. We intend to offer this product on our shower glass products, providing customers easy-to-clean, protected glass,” says Matthew Dalbke, vice president, Maryland Glass & Mirror.