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Andersen Windows & Doors releases 2023 Look Book

White oak windows

With 2023 quickly approaching, design choices continue to encourage beauty, personality, and optimization at home. With an emphasis on meaningful spaces that invite easy entertaining, inspiration from nature, and comfortability, Andersen Windows & Doors has predicted the six trends they think will define home design this coming year.

Compiled into a 2023 Trends Lookbook, Andersen has provided insights alongside inspiration and anecdotes from leading designers, architects, and style makers like Hilton Carter, Laurie March, and Dan D’Agostino, forecasting the top six trends in home building and renovation for the year ahead, which include:

  1. White Oak Windows: Meet the Modern Wood Window
  2. Stair Towers: Taking Form and Function to the Next Level
  3. Biophilic Design: Bringing the Outside in
  4. Pivot Doors: Stylish from any Angle
  5. Monochrome Rooms: Color Outside the Lines
  6. Outdoor Kitchens: Cooking up an Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle
See the full look book