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General Glass International Launches New Website


GGI's new website

General Glass International launched its new website that aims to emphasize and demonstrate the value glass products bring to architects and designers, as well as the end-user.

What the website features

Designed by the branding team at Gensler San Francisco, the new website will have a strong emphasis on both education and inspiration, with information detailing the many ways glass supports the need for multifunctionality, versatility and sustainability. The site features large images alongside in-depth product information, and project profiles that explore how GGI’s glass products and capabilities have met the needs of built environment for over 120 years.

One of the new website’s objectives is to purpose GGI’s resources as a tool for architecture and design firms, a library of information provided with clean, precise visuals and seamless navigation. Products can be searched by type, visual, and application, with case studies readily accessible to determine how various products have been implemented in projects across the country. Additionally, GGI will continue to provide added value through regular blog articles, keeping ahead of industry trends and innovations so that A&D firms are always guaranteed the latest information.

In addition to the augmented A&D resources, the new website includes enhanced About and Careers content for those wishing to learn more about the company and its culture.

What the VP has to say

“We have a long-standing relationship with Gensler, as their east coast team helmed the design and branding or our first website. We were exceptionally pleased with their previous work, and as they are very familiar with our company, it was a natural evolution to work together for the new branding and website,” says Stephen Balik, vice president of GGI. “Through our high-quality photography, project profiles, and user-friendly interface, visitors can learn not only what has already been achieved with glass, but what is possible.”

“The new website is a true testament to the power of group collaborations,” says Balik. “The GGI marketing team, Gensler, and our agency worked together to bring to life an ambitious, expansive site that provided tangible value to architects and designers. Beyond that, the site establishes who GGI is, what we do, and our never-ending commitment to our customers—and the industry.”