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Italian Broadcaster Honors Sisecam’s Kırman with Chairman of the Year Award

Le Fonti, an economic and business news broadcaster in Italy, awarded Sisecam’s Chairman Dr. Ahmet Kırman the award for Chairman of the Year, part of its awards program. The Le Fonti Awards recognize outstanding organizations and their leaders who demonstrate corporate excellence in business innovation, leadership, technological achievement, and employee engagement.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman stated that Italy, where Şişecam engages in chromium, flat glass, and refractories production, is an important gateway to Western Europe. “We are expanding our business activities in Italy, which started in 2005, with new investments,” he said. “Currently, we employ 550 people in the country and Şişecam is the largest Turkish investor in Italy. We are also the leading manufacturer of flat glass in the country. Şişecam contributes to Italy's economy with its value-added products, employment opportunities, and exports.

We are pleased that the significant value we add to the country's economy is recognized and appreciated. In 2019, I was honored with the with the honor of "Cavaliere" of the Order of the Star of Italy, bestowed by the president of the Italian Republic. This distinction was a source of tremendous pride for me. Today, I am very pleased once again to receive such a meaningful award from Le Fonti TV. I would like to thank for this special award. I sincerely believe that Şişecam's strong cooperation with Italy will continue and contribute to our ongoing global success story.”