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Trulite Canada Adds FuseCube Express

Diamon-Fusion International, announced that Trulite Canada has added the FuseCube Express to its line of fabrication capabilities. The protective glass coating machine streamlines the application of Diamon-Fusion glass treatment onto both sides of the surface, allowing Trulite Canada to offer easy-to-clean, low-maintenance benefits to their line of glass railing and architectural systems, say officials.

What it does

Diamon-Fusion applied through the FuseCube Express is done via a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process that chemically bonds to the surface. The result is an ultra-thin barrier that repels water, helps prevent staining, and significantly cuts cleaning time, say DFI officials. The coating is also UV-resistant and backed with a lifetime warranty on all residential surfaces and a 15-year warranty on all commercial surfaces.

Adding Diamon-Fusion glass treatment to their line of glass products gives Trulite Canada the opportunity to provide customers with easy-to-clean glass features, backed by an industry-leading warranty. Diamon-Fusion helps to protect against stains, corrosion, and etching.

"We partnered with DFI to provide our customers with Diamon-Fusion, a top-quality protective glass coating, while having it machine-applied. We have been interested in the capabilities and benefits of the FuseCube Express machine for years now, and the time was right to move ahead. We look forward to a long-term partnership with DFI," Trulite Canada General Director Dominic Leclerc says.

“We are excited to partner with Dominic Leclerc and his team at Trulite on their new product offering. By adding the FuseCube Express, Trulite Canada will be able to deliver newly upgraded glass with machine-applied Diamon-Fusion protective coating with faster turnaround times,” Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, DFI Syndi Sim says.