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Glassfab Tempering Services Adds Second FuseCube to Production Facility

Glassfab Tempering Services announced it would be adding a FuseCube Flex 125 at its newest facility to streamline the application of Diamon-Fusion protective coating.

What Glassfab Tempering Services says

“We are enhancing our line of fabricated glass and commitment to delivering the highest quality products,” says Rob Gardner Black, President of Glassfab Tempering Services. “We got our first FuseCube back in 2014, and the machine has proven efficient and very effective. We are excited to add another to our production line, so we continue to offer the low-maintenance features and benefits of Diamon-Fusion coating to all our customers.”

About FuseCube

With enough space to fit 125 lites, the FuseCube Flex 125 will allow Glassfab Tempering Services to treat a wide range of glass products, including glass railings, IGUs, shower doors, and much more.

Thin and invisible, Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds to the glass, transforming it into a water-repellent surface, protecting it from stains and corrosion. The coating is also UV-resistant and eco-friendly, offering long-term performance and stability. The coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including shower doors and glass railings, and is backed up by a lifetime/15-year warranty on residential and commercial surfaces, respectively.

Largest FuseCube in North America

DFI says that when Glassfab Tempering Services adds the new FuseCube to its production facility, it will now be the largest FuseCube installed in North America.

“DFI is proud to have partnered with Glassfab Tempering Services since 2014. Ruby Singh, Brian Frea, Rob Gardner Black, and their team at Glassfab are a force in the industry. Teaming up with them to help initiate these bold efforts is something we look forward to facilitating," says Syndi Sim, VP of Marketing and Business Development at DFI.