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LiSEC Opens Engineering Center

Engineering Center opening

On Nov. 3, 2023, a new engineering center was opened at the LiSEC site in Seitenstetten, Austria. Around 140 additional workplaces can be found on an area of 21,500 square feet and four floors. The new building was celebrated with all employees, guests, the Foundation's Executive Board and Supervisory Board, as well as construction partners.

Construction of the center

Construction work began in April 2022, with numerous regional partners contributing to the project. More than $7.5 million was invested in the construction project. Trends in office spaces, such as collaboration spaces or shared desks, were incorporated into the design.

"An expansion of the office workplaces in Seitenstetten was absolutely necessary following the merging of the Hausmening and Seitenstetten sites," says LiSEC CFO Oliver Pichler.

"We have successfully implemented the Engineering Center despite a rapid start to construction and many ongoing changes. We are proud of the result and are excited about the growth at the Seitenstetten site. We are optimistic about the future," says Friedrich Schrenk, project manager and head of industrial engineering/facility management.

Design of the space

The office building with integrated laboratory area offers a new working environment with different room concepts. Employees can choose between quiet and communicative areas, depending on their needs. Stand-up areas and a "LiSPoint" invite employees to share ideas and act as communication hubs. Tasks can be worked on routinely at the work desks at height-adjustable tables. Focus boxes create space for solving complex tasks in seclusion. Chat boxes, meeting rooms, maker spaces and kitchens complete the room concept.

"We want to offer our employees a modern, future-oriented and attractive working environment. We are only successful thanks to our employees. That's why we need to focus on a suitable working environment. That's what we've done with the construction of the new Engineering Center," says Pichler.

"Seitenstetten has been the main location of the LiSEC Group for many years and will remain so in the future. We will therefore continue to invest in the site. Over the next few years, further modernization steps will follow, both in the office infrastructure and in production," adds CEO Gottfried Brunbauer.