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Manko Adds FuseCube Machine at HQ Facility

Manko Window Systems Inc. announced the addition of its fourth FuseCube at its headquarters in Manhattan, Kansas. The machine streamlines the application of Diamon-Fusion low-maintenance coating, transforming ordinary glass into a water-repellent surface. The FuseCube glass coating machine applies the Diamon-Fusion coating through a chemical vapor deposition process, ensuring double-sided coverage, uniform application and a quality coating.

Manko also shared that the new machine would add more production capacity for Diamon-Fusion glass treatment to its fabricated glass products. The addition of the new FuseCube Flex 50 XL model will expand the company’s coating capabilities for larger projects. The company is already operating the FuseCube Express machine at each of its manufacturing facilities in Aurora, Colorado; Des Moines, Iowa; and Manhattan, Kansas.

About Diamon-Fusion

The Diamon-Fusion coating is 100 percent optically clear, and scratch and impact resistant. It is also UV-resistant, requires no aftercare products, and has a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces and a 15-year warranty on commercial surfaces. Surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion are easier to clean and require less maintenance, and the invisible barrier created in the Diamon-Fusion process also eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners, promotes a more hygienic environment by reducing mold/bacteria buildup and keeps glass looking cleaner for longer.

Corporate responses

“We are thrilled to be able to add more Diamon-Fusion production capacity, not only for our current demand but for the opportunity to pursue larger glass projects in scope and size. We’ve been successfully applying DFI’s high-quality protection on multiple glass products, including shower doors, handrails and insulated glass; adding more value to the consumer’s finished product,” says Brett Jones, sales and marketing representative, Manko Window Systems.

“We see Manko’s new addition to its existing FuseCube capabilities as the natural progression of a visionary and class-act company that clearly understands quality and keeps adding more value and excellence in service above all,” says Guillermo Seta, vice president of business development, Diamon-Fusion International.