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Sarasota Architect Showcases Commercial Products in Residential Home


Exterior of the residential home

Commercial products from Eco Window Systems, part of the PGT Innovations family of brands, were recently featured in the first all-concrete cast home in Sarasota, Florida, designed by Sarasota architectural firm Damien Blumetti Architects.

About the home

The 3,400-square-foot modern home was poured in place and was constructed entirely of raw materials, like concrete, wood and glass.

Interior of the residential home“Typically, homeowners will showcase exposed concrete with an accent wall, but we did the whole home with that type of construction,” says Damien Blumetti, owner of the Sarasota-based architectural firm. “Using the CGIC by Eco Commercial windows and doors in this type of design added a simple, modern touch to complete the space and connect the interior and exterior spaces seamlessly.”

Blumetti began using commercial windows and doors in homes about 10 years ago, but in the past, the result was too visually heavy due to the dimension of the product frame and mullions. However, that was not the case with the CGIC by Eco Commercial products used in this recent design project.

“For this home, we were searching for a product with thin lines so we could create something that looked delicate and could capture and highlight the exceptional view,” says Blumetti. “The CGIC by Eco products did that and more. Beyond the modern, slim frames, the products are able to attach directly to the concrete instead of requiring a wall to be further built out to accept them. Also, these windows are uniquely designed to eliminate the need for a structural mullion when using the windows as a corner, which helped us achieve the wide views we were aiming for with this project. It really allowed us to be continuous with the spaces and eliminate unnecessary material, creating a beautiful transition and reducing visual clutter.”

With the home being located in Florida, the windows and doors also needed to be strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions, so Blumetti opted for impact-resistant, energy-efficient glass.

What PGTI says

"This project is an incredible example of how commercial products can be incorporated into residential spaces and how products from our family of brands can be used together to create a beautifully unique space," says Jeff Jackson, president and CEO of PGT Innovations. “We’re thrilled that Mr. Blumetti was able to find all the window and door products, along with all the safety and energy options he needed to create the home that his clients were dreaming of. Revolutionizing the way people live is what PGT Innovations is all about, and it’s so rewarding when we are able to see that come to fruition, especially right in our own backyard.”

Products used

Product selections for this home included the 3500 Impact Storefront Windows and 3550 Impact Storefront Doors from CGIC by Eco Commercial, the 238 Estate Casement windows from WinDoor, and the 770 Sliding Glass Door by PGT Custom Windows + Doors. All windows and doors were installed by All Glass & Windows, based in Sarasota.

To complete the project and stay true to the modern design, Blumetti used CGIC by Eco Commercial doors, which offer the option of residential hardware to add elegance and a high-end feel to the product. The architect also incorporated residential windows and sliding glass doors from two of PGTI’s other well-known brands: WinDoor and PGT Custom Windows & Doors.