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United Plate Glass Adds Osprey 10 Complete to Facility

Osprey 10 Complete at UPG

United Plate Glass announced the installation of a new Osprey 10 Complete glass inspection system from LiteSentry-Softsolution at its North Carolina facility. This installation marks the third such Osprey system for UPG.

The Osprey 10 Complete brings precision and efficiency to glass production, ensuring consistent, high-quality output. This addition aims to boost production efficiency, ensure top-tier quality, and meet the evolving demands of UPG’s clientele.

What UPG says

“I love the Ospreys, but what I love even more is that my operators all love the Ospreys. It’s been paramount to our improved quality. The Osprey 10 Complete has not only streamlined our processes but also significantly enhanced the quality of our products, thanks to the ease of use and reliability that our operators experience,” says Cory Brown, director of operations, United Plate Glass.