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Afam Ike Joins Forel Sales Network

Afam IkeForel welcomed Afam Ike, a well-known sales and service manager with experience in the glass business, to its sales network.

Ike has been working for more than 25 years in the glass machinery trade in Africa, and Forel plans to improve its presence in the region through his connections with African glaziers.

“I joined the glass industry in 1993 and have worked in the different areas of this business,” says Ike. “My experience covers the whole of Africa as I was in the different times, manager of business  development, sales manager, regional director for Africa and managing director of after sales services. I’m very glad to join Forel team: I really appreciate their commitment, their machinery and their business philosophy.”

“Nowadays, the business of glass processed products, for any uses, has grown tremendously in Africa, as a result of urbanization, infrastructure deficit and regional free trade agreements,” says Ike. “African glaziers need reliable suppliers who add value and content to the business, especially in after sales: most of them are now struggling with the lack of empathy by existing suppliers, unqualified service personnel, exorbitant costs of spares and software upgrades for machines. Today Forel has the best customer after sales organization in the market, which aims at reducing costs from the purchase of the machines until the final life cycle of the product.”