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AGC Glass Europe Produces Low-Carbon Flat Glass at Second Plant

The AGC Glass Europe facility in Seingbouse, France, is now producing low-carbon Planibel Clearlite, a float glass whose CO2 footprint has been reduced by more than 40%, says the company. The production of low-carbon Planibel Clearlite yields no more than 15.4 pounds of CO2 per square meter for glass that is 4-millimeters thick.

AGC Glass Europe first produced this glass at its facility in Moustier, Belgium.

With this additional production capacity now online, AGC has expanded its Low-Carbon Glass range to include a low-carbon variant of the following:

  • Stratobel, safety glass;
  • Stratophone, acoustic glass;
  • Iplus, thermal insulation glass;
  • Stopray and Energy, AGC’s solar control glass;
  • Toughenable coatings, known as T-coatings.

The entire range is now available in all thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm.

Next step in the decarbonization process

The Group’s holistic approach to sustainability takes the entire value chain into account:

  • decarbonizing production processes,
  • reducing CO2 emissions from the upstream supply chain and
  • cutting other indirect emissions.

AGC is effectively leveraging the more sustainable procurement of raw materials, the use of highly efficient melting furnaces that deploy innovative electroboosting technology, the increased use of recycling via intelligent pre-consumer cullet flows and optimized transport between AGC plants and customers. The Group also promotes the use of renewable energy by not only purchasing green energy but also generating its own green solar and wind power.