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British Glass CEO Gives Evidence to Government Inquiry on Energy

In response to an inquiry from the department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy on how businesses and workers are reacting to the cost-of-living crisis, British Glass CEO Dave Dalton compiled evidence to present to the government.

Dalton’s evidence focused on rising energy costs, its effects on energy intensive industries such as glass, what interventions from government could help alleviate the pressures on industry and security of supply over the winter months. 

Part of the evidence highlighted the increase in costs facing glass manufacturers in the UK who have seen wholesale energy costs increase by 700 percent in 12 months. 

“For both the glass industry and the wider energy intensive users, we welcome the inquiry into the impact of energy costs on our sectors as part of our ongoing dialogue with government," Dalton says. “However, we now need action as a result of this dialogue to understand what interventions will be put in place to deal with energy prices and security of supply this winter.”