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Dodge Data & Analytics and BSD SpecLink Announce Strategic Partnership

BSD SpecLink, a specification-writing platform, partnered with Dodge Data & Analytics. Together, BSD and Dodge deliver information, insights, and opportunities to architects and designers and building product manufacturers across each step of the construction lifecycle, with an emphasis on facilitating collaboration between key participants to drive better project outcomes.

The partnership will help deliver more specific and targeted product information to design professionals at precisely the moment they require, say officials. The partnership will accomplish this by combining BSD SpecLink, cloud-based specification content and software, and Dodge's Sweets platform, which provides building product material catalogs, specifications, CAD and BIM assets that streamline design, specification and construction processes throughout the duration of project lifecycles.

Manufacturers will be able to seamlessly work with Dodge Data & Analytics, Sweets, and BSD to get in front of architects and engineers earlier, find key projects where they are specified, and track their success from design to bidding. Additional benefits to BPMs include the ability to create bundled offerings tailored to their needs to drive sales and marketing efforts. 

"Dodge has been, and continues to be, the market leader in the construction intelligence space," says Daimon Bridge, CEO at BSD SpecLink. "Our organizations share the belief that fostering collaboration at all levels results in better outcomes for those involved. Dodge's mission is to fuel their customers' growth, and we intend to work closely together to identify new ways to empower this pursuit."

"Over the past few years, BSD has made extraordinary progress in creating what is now, by a wide margin, the industry's best platform for the creation of construction specification documents," says Dan McCarthy, CEO of Dodge Data & Analytics. "The company's content and technology align seamlessly with Dodge's robust and verified collection of construction project information, and we are confident that through this new alliance, we will significantly improve overall efficiencies and future success for the design industry."