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Flat Glass Distributors Uses FuseCube Express to Protect Glass with DFI Coating

Flat Glass Distributors added Diamon-Fusion glass treatment to its fabrication products. The company stated it will also be using DFI's new FuseCube Express coating machine to streamline the application.

FGD chose the FuseCube Express as it has all the same capabilities of the original FuseCube, and now allows users to quickly treat small quantities of glass, multiple times a day, for long-term efficiency. FGD’s line of fabricated shower doors, as well as residential and commercial insulating glass units will be treated at its 80,000-square-foot building in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Diamon-Fusion glass treatment is a great addition to FGD’s fabrication products," says Tom Lee, president of Flat Glass Distributors. "It allows us the opportunity to serve architects, homeowners and designers who require easy-to-clean glass. And now we have the reassurance of a machine-applied process through the FuseCube Express."

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with the team at FGD. We see a tremendous amount of opportunity for them and look forward to helping distinguish them in the marketplace,” says Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development at DFI.