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Frameless Hardware Company Launches INSTAQUOTE

INSTAQUOTE information

Frameless Hardware Company LLC launched its new design, quoting, and ordering online configurator. This new program is designed to expedite and improve the quoting and ordering process for all-glass entrances and storefronts comprising the company’s offering of HERC-DOOR entrances, STEINCRAFT panic devices, and all combinations of headers, sidelites, transoms, and related hardware packages.  

About the system

The new FHC INSTAQUOTE online design, quote, and order system is live and available now. The company is offering a free 60-day membership for interested glaziers looking to expedite and improve their speed and quality on storefront projects.

Ease of use and accessibility were primary drivers for incorporating monthly membership packages available without license fees along with cloud-based server integration, and the INSTAQUOTE platform ensures peace of mind by eliminating the human-error factor with built-in safety backstops to guarantee the opening meets applicable specifications, codes, and standards. Additionally, users can export entire bid packages complete with 3D renderings to give their customers a comprehensive understanding of the design, components, cost, and aesthetics. The program integrates the latest available technology to provide customers with a handy, foolproof dashboard for seamless estimation.

What FHC says

“In terms of assets for our organization, our customers will forever remain our top priority and biggest opportunity,” says Jesse Dorado, architectural hardware brand manager, FHC. “The better we can equip them with the resources and tools needed to complete jobs faster, more accurately, and with higher margins, the ROI for us is tenfold. We’ll protect and arm them every chance we get. Sometimes that looks like product innovation, shorter lead times, technical support, or, in this case, software innovations. They adapt, we adapt. I truly believe INSTAQUOTE will change a lot of businesses for the better.”