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GED Partners with Sparklike to Distribute IG Gas Analyzers

GED Integrated Solutions will partner with Sparklike Oy to distribute non-destructive IG gas analyzers to fenestration products manufacturers in North America. As of January 1, 2021, all sales of Sparklike products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be handled by GED.

“GED’s continual goal is to provide window manufacturers with the ability to produce IG at the highest capacity, highest quality and lowest total cost," states John Moore, VP-marketing for GED. "GED’s partnership with Sparklike is an important part of this goal.”

As a Sparklike Service Center Partner, GED IG Experts will additionally provide Sparklike Handheld calibration and repair services to new and existing Sparklike customers across North America from its headquarters in Ohio. Customers will be able to schedule calibration and repairs to their Sparklike Handheld devices from the GED website.

“GED’s decision to invest in a local calibration lab is another step that GED is taking to continue providing exceptional experience to its customers,” says Ashraf Hussein, IG technology engineer at GED.

Sparklike North American sales will be handled by GED regional sales management team. The products will also be available online at