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GGI Launches Enhance Glass Surface Protection

GGI launched the Enhance coating process to create easy-to-clean, protected glass surfaces for custom fabricated glass, perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

As a certified fabricator, GGI applies the ultra-thin, permanent coating to one or both glass surfaces using the EnduroShield X-Line High Speed automated coating equipment. This machine-applied coating creates a uniform, durable coating that keeps glass looking clean and clear for long lasting results with minimal upkeep, say company officials. Enhance glass surfaces are hydrophobic and oleophobic; to repel water, oil, and other contaminants.

Enhance is available on all glass types fabricated by GGI, with a limited lifetime warranty for all interior applications, and a 10-year warranty for all exterior glass surfaces. The end-user application to activate the warranty is powered by and backed by EnduroShield.

“Enhance will position our customers to offer fabricated glass solutions that are easier to clean and maintain.” says Brad Thurman, vice president sales and marketing—fabrication division, GGI. “This is especially important in the ‘new normal’ that is driving architects and interior designers to focus on building materials that support healthier environments.”