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GGI Launches New Inspiration Gallery to Streamline Design Capabilities

GGI launched a new initiative to make it easier for customers, architects, and designers to visualize how to best create a desired aesthetic while keeping cost and versatility at the forefront of design concerns. The company’s new Inspiration Gallery features a broad range of examples that showcases not only the applications for direct-to-glass printing, but demonstrates how glass can be used to mimic other materials.

“Alice Direct-to-glass printing provides the design team with a functional alternative to some of the most popular design trends without compromising on the desired aesthetic,” says Stephen Balik, director of architectural sales and marketing. “We can mimic stone, wood, metalwork, and numerous other materials, allowing clients to capture the look they want in a way that is affordable, maintenance-free, and healthier—something of great concern as a result of the pandemic.”

The new Inspiration Gallery, powered by Dip-Tech, aims to help streamline the design process, enabling customers, architects, and designers to visualize designs more easily for a variety of applications. Ready-to-print designs can be customized to create a unique visual experience. Viewers can search by application, material type, texture, or pattern and apply filters to maximize the desired search results.

“GGI has been working with Dip-Tech for more than a decade,” says Balik. “We were the first direct-to-glass printer in North America to utilize their technology and are excited to be the first glass processor in the country to implement the Inspiration Gallery design tool.”