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The Glass Guru Franchise Posts Record Revenue Numbers

The Glass Guru franchise organization congratulated nearly a third of the organization’s franchise locations for hitting record monthly revenue milestones for their respective franchises for June 2020, in spite of the pandemic. The organization as a whole also saw June 2020 being the highest aggregate monthly revenue amount achieved since the company began franchising back in 2007.

Company leadership partly attributes the gains to the fact that whole, home service franchises historically do well in turbulent times, they say. Consumers may pull back on spending in other areas of their lives, but spending on the care and maintenance of their homes is always a priority, say officials.

“While the COVID-19 crisis continues to be a national and global concern, increasing sales revenues from April through June has demonstrated there is no shortage of consumer demand for our services,” says Dan Frey, president and founder, The Glass Guru Franchise Systems Inc. “Even in trying times such as these, home and business owners continue to maintain and update their properties and The Glass Guru locations are doing a great job taking care of their customers and staff, taking proper safety precautions as we get the job done.”

The Glass Guru says the company is weathering the pandemic economy for a few different reasons. At the onset, the franchisor took steps to open a robust channel of communications with their franchisees about how to best mitigate the issues facing franchises during the pandemic. There were webinars several times a week, and in most cases, franchisees had the resources and a solid plan to ensure business continuity, say officials.

“The team at headquarters couldn't be more proud of the way each franchise has stepped up and risen to the challenge of thriving and growing in this turbulent economy,” says Frey. “The second half of 2020 presents an incredible opportunity to continue this momentum! We look forward to supporting sharing more success stories next month.”

Another critical factor that The Glass Guru’s management team believes to be a driving force in the company’s momentum is the fact that many homeowners were forced to work from home during the lockdowns imposed by the states. This forced homeowners to take stock of their mounting home maintenance and home repair projects, and built-up “pent-up demand” for the company’s products and services.

The Glass Guru has many dedicated franchise owners and hard-working staffers who are working hard out in the field, say officials. The Glass Guru’s management team is optimistic going into the remainder of Q3 and early Q4 of 2020. These are traditionally the busiest times of year for the company, and The Glass Guru hopes to continue with the tremendous momentum they’ve seen so far in 2020.