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Glass + Metal Craft Automates Glass Coating Process with DFI’s FuseCube Express

Glass + Metal Craft implemented DFI’s FuseCube Express, a protective glass coating machine for glass fabricators. With glass shops looking to add more value to their glass products, the FuseCube Express streamlines Diamon-Fusion protective coating on both sides of the glass through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process. Adding the FuseCube Express to their line of machinery will enable Glass + Metal Craft to offer easy-to-clean, low maintenance glass, faster shipping times, and a uniform coating application, say company officials.

“We partnered with Glass + Metal Craft more than a year ago to offer their customers the value-added benefits of Diamon-Fusion,” says Carl Christ, vice president of technical services and business development, Diamon-Fusion International. “As the coating has grown in demand, we are thrilled to provide the team at G+MC a more efficient way to treat their glass. The FuseCube Express will improve their bottom line and add even more value to their customers.”

Glass + Metal Craft will be offering the machine-applied Diamon-Fusion coating to their shower doors and full line of architectural glass systems, which includes entrances, guardrails, canopies, insulated glass, structural walls, and more. The addition of Diamon-Fusion, through the FuseCube Express, on G+MC’s line of architectural products means the glass is:

• Applied to both sides

• Has consistent coverage every time

• Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean

• Protected against hard water and environmental pollutants