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Glaston at GlassBuild America 2021

After the long break, officials at Glaston will be meeting customers and booth visitors in person at this year’s GlassBuild America. It will truly be a welcome opportunity for everyone to catch up and share news on the latest developments. Find Glaston at Booth #2650.


Flat tempering

This year, the company has reached one of its main goals―the launch of the first flat tempering line based on the big data of our global installed base. Digitalizing the tempering process includes innovations such as online fragmentation prediction for every glass and white haze detection using artificial intelligence. Our new tempering process Autopilot minimizes the need for operator input and offers process control without parameters.

By taking advantage of intelligence, you gain greater bed utilization, higher energy efficiency, repeatable quality and improved operational safety. Today, every machine can handle its own predictive maintenance, suggesting spare parts when needed.

Flat laminating

Glaston’s ProL full convection laminating technology is setting new standards for quality, yield and processing capability.

With the new Autopilot laminating process, a fabricator’s furnace independently learns to run in the most optimal way instead of having operators make manual adjustments. With the growing trend of using structural interlayers, we’ve introduced new convection control technology for flat laminating, which offers a significantly wider operating window for even complex laminates.

Insulating glass manufacturing

The new arrissing machine Multi’arrisser is a fast and user-friendly solution for the high-quality arrissing of glass edges. The cup wheels adapt individually to different edge geometries of rectangular and shaped glasses.

Glaston’s cup wheel technology has a 5–10 times longer lifetime than other systems. One cup wheel can be used for multiple functions―arrissing the edge, basic edge planing and corner dubbing. The wheels have a maximum arrissing speed of 60 meters/min―the fastest single-head machine worldwide. You can process premium low-emissivity glass without any coated surface contact.

Glaston’s advanced architectural glass TPS, or thermo plastic spacer, technology provides processors with end products to satisfy the toughest warm edge demands. Insulating glass units made with TPS improve energy efficiency in buildings, increase durability and reduce energy costs.

A major advantage of TPS is its production flexibility. By directly applying the thermo plastic spacer onto the glass lite significantly simplifies the processes for IG manufacturers. The entire production mix can be manufactured on one line using various TPS IG production lines―from individually configurable solutions via fast system solutions with shortest cycle times to maxi size solutions for glass sizes up to 3.2 feet in length.

Automotive and display glass processing

For thin glass pre-processing, Glaston offers a thin glass kit to upgrade new and existing cells.

The new Hyperfex grinding wheels represent a revolution in edge grinding with a holistic view of the entire glass pre-processing.

The new automotive machine generation Champ Evo offers two optimization features for higher precision and more dynamic movements―a linear drive instead of a spindle on the grinding machine and a honeycomb table on the grinding machine.

Glaston’s new active convection technology for heat treating automotive glass improves the processing of coated, printed and complex glass types and enables faster heating. The new Matrix Evo bending furnace is available with different size and capacity configurations to reduce cycle times. The company’s new HTBS bending and tempering system with the market’s densest control matrix meets the highest bent tempered glass quality standards.


Glaston’s digital services are designed to increase users’ production performance and help you avoid unplanned downtime.

Glaston Siru application―an advanced AI-based solution for heat-treated glass fragmentation analysis today.

Virtual Engineer―an augmented reality-based solution that allows users to carry out service work or spare parts installation independently―under the live guidance of experts.

All Glaston’s digital services are easily available via MyGlaston, a one-point access platform for everything related to Glaston. This includes accessing information on users’ existing machinery, new and ongoing projects, service orders, spares and much more.