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Guardian Glass to Add Line at Russian Plant for Jumbo Laminated Glass Production

To support the increasing demand for laminated glass in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Guardian Glass is adding a new jumbo laminated glass production line at its Ryazan plant in Russia. Laminated glass production is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2023.  

“This investment illustrates our continued optimism and excitement about Guardian Glass’ expansion in Russia and the CIS,” says Guus Boekhoudt, executive vice president, Guardian Glass. “This project underwrites our vision to be a preferred partner to our customers, suppliers, employees and communities based on a foundation of mutual benefit.”

This investment supports the region’s strong growth in the commercial, residential and interior sectors and, from within those sectors, the call for glass products that address safety, security and acoustic performance.

“We appreciate our customers’ support and are happy to keep evolving our relationship by offering them additional product options,” says Elena Rassudimova, general manager, Guardian Glass, Russia. “We are very proud of what our team and our partners are accomplishing in a challenging environment.”

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float, coated and fabricated glass products, with 26 float lines around the globe, Guardian is taking a natural step forward in its strong, longstanding laminating capability. As a result, Guardian Glass Russia will offer the region an improved product mix including SunGuard and ClimaGuard coatings on laminated substrates for various applications.

What customers want

Rising global demand for laminated glass is driven in part by architects and building owners demanding safety, maximum natural light and noise reduction.


When laminated glass breaks, it tends to stay within its frame because of the clear PVB interlayers, lessening the chance of injury.

Maximum natural light

Larger insulating glass units, that combine Guardian high performance coatings and laminated glass, deliver expansive views as well as safety and security while managing light transmission and solar heat gain.

Noise reduction

Acoustic laminated glass helps to reduce noise to create a more peaceful ambiance.