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Guardian Glass Rebrands Spacer as Guardian Align

Guardian Glass North America updated its residential insulating glass products: its proprietary warm-edge spacer, currently manufactured in its Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, fabrication facility is now branded Guardian Align, and Guardian changed the color of its primary polyisobutyl sealant to black in order to create cleaner looking sightlines that seamlessly blends in with more modern and contemporary window frames.

Guardian designed IGUs using Guardian Align spacers to have a robust seal that provides high argon retention rates and low seal failures. IGUs constructed by Guardian Glass with the Guardian Align spacer and new black sealant offers customers improved thermal insulation while providing best-in-class durability and strength. Guardian Align spacers feature:

  • Ultra-thin, low conductivity corrugated stainless steel construction
  • 90-degree corners with a hermetic fourth corner joint
  • High-strength, low-conductivity PIB primary sealant with extra-long diffusion path
  • High-modulus, commercial-grade silicone secondary sealant
  • 20-year warranty

“Guardian Align spacers are extremely durable with impressive thermal insulation performance,” says Scott Billings, vice president and general manager, glass fabrication, Guardian Glass North America. “IG units made with Guardian Align spacers and our robust coating portfolio deliver value to our customers in both residential and light commercial applications.”